Mini Project 1 Library work & Team work

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Mini Project 1 Library work & Team work

Mini Project No.2: Literature Review

    Synchronic vs. Diachronic Approaches to Lexical Studies

    (Due date: June 23, 2010)

1. Task: you are expected to read ONE of the following two journal articles. You can

    download the articles from 中国期刊网 from our library:

    400 江蓝生?2004?跨层非短语结构的话的词汇化?《中国语文》第5期!387

    [Jiang, L.-S. 2004. About the lexicalization of the cross-structural combination “de

    hua”. Zhongguo Yuwen 5: 387-400.]


    [Gu, Yang. 1997. On the theory of the existential construction. Modern Foreign

    Languages 3: 15-25.]

    Jiang (2004) is a diachronic study of word meaning change, and Gu (1997) is a synchronic study of the existential construction of English and Chinese. Try your best to understand as much as possible with the help of library and internet resources. Identify difficult points and try to solve the difficulties in your group discussion.

    The reason why I chose these two articles is that these two papers are well written and have typical features of diachronic and synchronic lexical study respectively. After reading the two papers, you are expected to know what a lexical research is really like.

    2. Purpose: to learn how to understand a journal article with the help from group members and other resources available on campus; to learn how to organize reading group; and how to raise clarification questions for group discussion and questions for further research.

3. Steps:

    (1) organize the reading group

    (2) the group leader designs the reading tasks and assigns the tasks to group members (3) Each group member studies carefully the chosen journal article. You may take notes in reading the article. Try your best to understand the article, and list all the puzzles that you feel in the process of reading

    (4) the group leader holds group discussion. in the discussion, each group member presents his findings, including the points he is quite sure about the article and the points he is not quite sure about the article

    (5) based on the group discussion, a review report should be produced, summarizing the main results of group discussion

    (6) hand in a hard copy of your mini-project report on June 23, 2010

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