unit 4 sports sectionA

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unit 4 sports sectionA

    Unit 4 Sports Section A



    1. 复习常见的运动名称!如running,swimming,football,volleyball

    2. 能正确朗读新的单词,skating,gymnastics,boxing,diving,skiing,shooting,weightlifting等?重


    3. 学习“ Do you like ? Whats your favorite sport? Why (not)?等表述个人喜爱的运动及其



    1. 通过谈论常见的运动及个人最喜爱的运动!提高学生说的能力。?重点,

    2. 能根据录音材料完成有关运动信息的听力任务。?重难点,








    Task 1. Brainstorm

    T: Just now, we enjoyed a video, right? What did you see in the video? T: yes, many different kinds of sports.Today well learn Unit 4 sports Section A. First, please go through the studying aims by yourselves.


    T: Are you clear? OK. Weve learnt many different kinds of sports. Right? Let’s revise them first.

    Take out this paper and list five words about sports I want two students to write on the blackboard.

    Who wants to have a try?(让学生复习一下已学有关运动的单词)

    T:Ill give you 2 minutes. You can discuss with your partner.

    T: OK, stop. Have you finished? Good, look at the blackboard. Are there any mistakes here?

    T: You have done so well. Now I want you to read the words on the blackboard by yourselves.

    Every word twice. Clear? OK, start.

    Task 2 .Read loudly

    T: OK ,stop.Do you know some other words about sports. Here are some pictures, please tell me

    what they are doing.

    Q: What is he doing? Spell it. What does it mean? Next?叫个别同学读单词!并跟读一下,

    T: can you read them now? Please read these new words to your partner. Also every word twice.

I’ll give you 1 minute. Do you understand?

    Task 3. Look and match

    T: I’ll check you if you remember these new words. Look at task 3 on this paper. Please match the words with the right pictures. Do it yourselves.Also I minute.

    T: Stop now. This line, please. Read the word and tell me which picture it is. it seem s that you have remembered. lets read them together. cycling, cycling, one, two start.


    a 2.badminton






Task 4. Listening practice

    1. Listen and decide T or F( 1D on page 61)

    T: As we know, there are many different kinds of sports in the world. Now lets learn a new sport

    today. Look at this picture, what are they doing? Yes, they are diving. What does it mean here? And it also means 跳水. Read after me. Do you want to know something about diving in the sea? OK, next, well listen to a short passage about diving in the sea. Take out your books and turn to page 61. Look at 1D, please read the sentences by yourselves. Are you ready? Now listen. T: Do you want to listen again? Lets check the answers.

    2. Listen and fill ( 1E on page 62)

    T: Listen to the passage again and get more detailed information adout diving. Task 5. Work in pairs

    T: Most of you did a very good job. Now lets have a rest and enjoy a video. What kind of sport is

    it? Do you like playing basketball? Why? / Why not? (叫个别同学起来回答)

    T: Yes, I agree with you. Now look at the pictures in 1A on page 61. Talk about the pictures in pairs like this. Just 1 minute.

    T: Time is up. I need three pairs to act their dialogues out.

    Task 6. Listening practice

    1. listen and choose (1B on page 61)

    T: It seems that most of you like sports very much. I have two friends. They are Susan and Tom. They also like doing sports. Do you know what kinds of sports they like doing? Next, were going

    to listen to a dialogue between Susan and Tom. Look at 1B. Go through these sentences by yourselves first. Listen to the dialogue and try to find the answers.

    2. Listen and fill (1C on page 61)

    T: We know that Susan likes swimming. But why does like it? Now lets listen to the

    CD again and fill in the blanks.

    Task 8. Make a survey?做调查,

    T: Different people have different hobbies. From the dialogue we know that Susan likes swimming and Tom likes swimming and volleyball. Can you guess what my favorite sport is? Do you want to know something about my favorite sport? Here are some questions, whod like to ask me these questions?

    T: What about your friends? Do you know what your friends favorite sports are?

    Lets make a survey. Four students a group. Ask three classmates about the following questions and fill in the table. I will give you 5 minutes.

    Name Favorite sport Why? How often? Where? With whom?





    1. What’s your favorite sport?

    2. Why do you like it?

    3. How often do you do it? (every day/ once a week …)

    4. Where do you usually do it? ( at the gym/ on the playground…)

    5. With whom do you usually do it?

    T: OK. Stop. Have you finished?

    Task 8. Summary

    T: This class we have learnt a lot on sports. Now I want you to summarize what we have learnt this class.

    T: So much for this class. We all know that life lies in movement. So we should do sports as often as possible. And I hope you can love sports, love life. Thank you. Task 11. Homework

1. Make a dialogue about sports with your partner.

2. Write a short passage about your friends favorite sport.

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