the influence of puritanism in american culture

By Cheryl Brown,2014-10-13 00:06
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the influence of puritanism in american culture

    American puritanism originated from a movement for reform in the Church of England, which had a profound influence on American culture, especially on the social culture, American value and the literature.

    Firstly, Puritanism has been affecting American social culture greatly, for example, the Puritan Family was a book about the traditional Puritan family. The Puritan wife legally accepted her role as managing her husbands household, fulfilling her duty

    of keeping at home, educating her children, keeping and improving what is got by the industry of man. And its still lots

    of housewife in America.Whats more, their great attachment to

    education also has profound influence. To be able to read the Bible and understand God’s will, education was essential for

    Puritans. Within just a few years after their arrival, they took steps to set up a system of education in their

    colony.Compulsory education for all children and public taxation for schools were two practiced the Puritans introduced still influence American youth.

    Secondly, as for the puritanisms influence on American values,

    its the most apparent one. No group has played a more pivotal role in shaping American values than the New EnglandPuritans. The seventeenth-century Puritans contributed to American

    sense of mission, its work ethic, and its moral sensibility. A city upon hill an ideal community. The Puritans hoped to build “a

    city upon hill”an ideal community. Since that time, American has viewed their country as a great experiment, a worthy model for other nations. The sense of mission has been very strong in the mind of Americans.

    Intolerant moralism. New England also established another American tradition a strain of often intolerant moralism. The Puritans believed that government should enforce God’s

    morality. They strictly punished drunks, adulterers, violators of Sabbath and other religious believers different from themselves.

    Individualism. Puritans through Bible to find God’s will and

    search for one’s individual contact with God. According to this

    belief, individualism was given birth by Puritanism. The Puritans’ belief that individual freedom can encourage people to take increasing political responsibility contributed to the development of American democracy. The legacy of Puritanism, along with the Puritan emphasis on individual hard work and achievement dictates a way of life in which a person works to the limit of his capabilities, is successful at his work, and practices good deeds for the betterment of the society and the

    world. This is instrumental in building, not only America, but also the world. Hard work. Puritans believed that everyone had

    a calling, which was given by God. The success of one’s work or

    the prosperity in his calling was the sign of being God’s elect. Therefore, everyone must work hard, spend little and invest for more business. Working hard and living a moral life were their ethics. The American value of hard work stem from Puritan belief. So many American values owe very much to the Puritan belief. Although it has lost the dominant position, the values and beliefs bred by Puritanism are still in the guiding position in American society. Above all, we can say that Puritanism is the root of American culture. Puritanism is one of the great foundations on which America rests. The Puritans almost involved all the aspects of American society, the influence last until now.

    Thirdly, it contributes to the diversity of American literatures too. Puritans were able to read early on due to their frequent Bible study, which made them a very literate people. They also produced a hardy collection of literature themselves, which surfaced in three main genres: sermons, diaries, and poetry. In conclusion, Puritanism has a profound influence on American culture in many respects.

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