u970 quick start

By Sarah Hernandez,2014-10-12 22:12
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u970 quick start

     U970 Quick Start

1. Brief

    This file will show the way how DVR and PND work together.

2. Operating instructions

    2.1. Connection:

    For the connect way kindly refer the user manual, below is the photo of U970 assemble


     Note: The cable from the DVR should be connected to the back splint.

    2.2. Operate step:

    2.2.1 The PND will show the navigation first.

    Click here


    Click REC

    2.2.3 After click REC the PND will show the real-time picture of the DVR and auto-record.

    2.2.4 Click anyplace of the screen will show the bottom menu.

    mode menu up down REC EXIT

2.2.5 The video record state can be changed by click the menu button.

2.2.6 The PND will change to photo mode by click the mode button( the mode can be

changed only when record stop, click REC botton to stop/start record ).

    2.2.7 The REC botton will change to Photo botton in the photo mode, and click the photo

    botton can take photo.

    2.2.8 Click the mode botton again will change to view mode which can check the video and

    photo taken before.

    Use the three buttons to play

    and choose file

2.2.9 The file can be delete by click the menu botton, and the PND will change to navigation

mode by click the EXIT button.

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