Unit 1 The Olympics

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Unit 1 The OlympicsUNIT,The,Unit,the

    Unit 1 The Olympics



    1. Li Ping does well in singing and dancing.

     A. is interested in B. is weak in C. is good at D. is excited about

    2. Finally, I solved the problem in another way.

     A. At end B. In the end C. To the end D. At the end of 3. I have something to tell you. Please call me as soon as possible.

     A. she could B. you can C. she can D. you could 4. John asks his father to give up smoking.

     A. stop smoking B. stop to smoke C. keep smoking D. don‟t smoke

    5. The bridge was built more than 800 years ago.

     A. about B. less than C. almost D. over 二、选择题。?20分?

    1. Shanghai is one of ______ cities in China.

     A. the large B. the largest C. the one largest D. the first largest

    2. Lucy and Lily are not in the same room. The two rooms are ______.

     A. Lucy and Lily‟s B Lucy‟s and Lily‟s C. Lucy‟s and Lily D. Lucy and Lily

    3. ---How long have you been in this city? ---______ twenty years.

     A. Before B. After C. For D. Since 4. ---Could you tell me ______? ---Sorry, I don‟t know.

     A. where my keys are B. where can I find my keys C. where are my keys D. where my keys put

    5. ______ of the us studies English well.

     A. Every B. Each C. Everyone D. Everybody 6. There „s ______ “h” in the word hour.

     A. a B. the C. an D. / 7. He didn‟t go to school without ______ his parents yesterday.

     A. tell B. telling C. to tell D. tells 8. Stop ______, the teacher is coming.

     A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. talks 9. Mr. Smith is ______ man.

     A. a eighty-years-old B. a eight-year-old

     C. an eighty-years-old D. an eighty-year-old 10. I will go to the park if it ______.

     A. won‟t rain B. don‟t rain C. rains D. doesn‟t rain

11. ---What about going to the zoo? --- ______.

     A. Thank you B. Good idea C. That‟s right D. That‟s all right

    12. Now Helen works ______ than before.

     A. more carefully B. more careful C. much careful D. much carefully 13. You‟d better ______ after you finish the things.

     A. write them down B. writing them down

     C. to write down them D. write down them

    14. I saw him ______ up and down the stairs.

     A. to jump B. jump C. jumping D. jumps 15. Does Lucy feel like ______ anything today? Does she feel better?

     A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. will eat 16. My bike is new. How about ______?

     A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself 17. ______ is Zhou Jielun‟s age?

     A. What B. How C. How old D. How much 18. This question is very hard, only ______ students can answer it.

     A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 19. I hope to become a businessman ______.

     A. some day B. one day C. every day D. both A and B 20. We often talk ______ music ______ each other.

     A. in, with B. about, with C. to, with D. with, to 三、用所给词适当形式填空。?15分?

    1. I want __________ (join) the English club.

    2. __________ (speak) English will help me a lot.

    3. This is my __________ (one) time in China.

    4. The Chinese people are very __________ (friend).

    5. The weather will be __________ (sun) in Beijing.

    6. I need __________ (meet) some other people.

    7. Doing morning exercise will make you __________ (health). 8. These top basketball teams come from different __________ (country). 9. Our teacher asked us __________ (not take) these books away. 10. Merry Christmas! Best __________ (wish) to you!

    11. The boy is able __________ (write) with his left hand. 12. H ran faster and __________ (catch) up with others. 13. Every __________ (athlete) does his best to be the champion. 14. Li Ming lives__________ (far) from our school than I. 15. He left without __________ (say) anything when he heard the news.

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