Habitat Box Directions

By Jennifer Ward,2014-09-11 05:57
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Habitat Box DirectionsHabi

Habitat Box Directions

    Each class participating in the ICN World Habitat program will be assigned a habitat box to make and bring with them to the session. The habitat boxes will contain pictures, biofacts, and other objects that provide clues to the habitat. Students will present the “clues” and the

    other classes must guess what habitat the box represents.

As you create the box, include items that represent the following in the habitat:

    - biotic (living) elements

    - abiotic (non-living) elements

    - positive human use of habitat

    - negative human use

    - cultural group associated with habitat

With your students, identify relationships within the habitat box (animal/animal; animal/plant, etc)

    Below is a list of suggested items that can be included in the box to help get started. All items do not have to be included. Encourage students to think about other items that can be included to represent their habitat. Use pictures, clay models, kid’s toys, etc. Be creative!

Temperate Forest

    Rodent or fox skull (Animal) Owl feather & pellet (Animal) Antler (Animal) Porcupine Quill (Animal)

    Wolf paw mold/print (Animal) Bear paw mold/print (Animal) Scat mold (Animal) Fungus (Fungus)

    Sweet gum pods (Plant) Tree Leaves (Plant)

    Acorn (Plant) Wild geranium picture (Plant)

    Pine cone (Plant) Granite (Abiotic Factor)

    Soil (Abiotic Factor) Snowflake (Abiotic Factor) Bear paw rattle (Culture) Birch bark canoe (Culture) Cherokee alphabet (Culture) Maple syrup (Positive human use) Block of wood (Negative human use) Toothpicks (Negative human use) Recycled paper product (Positive human use)


    Frog eggs (Animal) Duck or flamingo bill (Animal) Duck feather (Animal) Beaver skull (Animal)

    Wetland bird egg (Animal) Alligator/crocodile skull (Animal) Oyster shell (Plant) Seminole doll (Culture) Jar of water (Abiotic Factor) Bulldozer (Negative human use)

    Peat moss (Plant / Negative human use) Carnivorous plants (Plant / Negative human use) Cranberries (Plant / Negative human use) Crocodile Skin (Animal / Negative human use) Six pack ring (Negative human use / Culture) Creole rice (Plant / Negative human use / Culture)


    Poison Arrow Frog (Animal) Rainforest bird beak (Animal)

    Mounted Butterfly (Animal) Insects (beetle or ant) (Animal)

    Bromeliad or orchid (Plant) Brazil nut (Plant)

    Clay (Abiotic Factor) Temperature / Rainfall graph (Abiotic Factor) Eraser (Positive human use) Chocolate (Positive human use) Chewing gum (Positive human use) Medicine aspirin (Positive human use)

    Ecotourism photo /binoculars (Positive human use) Allspice (Negative human use) Plastic chainsaw / deforestation photo (Negative human use)


    Lion skull or photo (Animal) Rattlesnake rattle (Animal)

    Grasshopper (Animal) Ladybug (Animal)

    Emu feather (Animal) Cow hoof (Animal)

    Gazelle horn (Animal) Giraffe tooth (Animal)

    Bison fur (Animal) Grass samples bamboo, wheat, etc. (Plant)

    Sage / smudge stick (Plant / Culture) Milkweed Photo (Plant)

    Makeup (Plant / Negative human use) Ear of corn (Plant / Negative human use) Temperature/ Rainfall Graph (Abiotic Factor) Buffalo hide drumstick (Culture) Maasai jewelry or photo (Culture) Amboseli map (Positive human use) Matches (Negative human use) Slimfast (Negative human use)


    Tarantula shed (Animal) Scorpion (Animal)

    Beetle (Animal) Rattlesnake rattle of snake shed (Animal)

    Camel hair (Animal) Joshua tree or cactus photo (Plant)

    Cactus Jam (Plant / Positive human use) Jar of sand (Abiotic Factor) Sandstone cliffs (Abiotic Factor) Climate graphs (Abiotic Factor) Kokopelli earring (Culture) Book on Pueblo (Culture)

    Tohono O’odham basket (Culture) Photo of Yurt (Culture)

    Drip irrigator (Positive human use) Bag of dates (Positive human use) Golf balls (Negative human use) Lettuce wrapper or cotton (Negative human use) Mesquite wood chips (Negative human use)

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