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By Emma Porter,2014-10-12 21:42
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science and technology07752

    Science and Technology

    Today, our topic is the influence of science and technology on peoples life, we divided the topic into two parts----the technology and the science, Mark will be responsible for the science part, of course, me----the technology part.


    It is hard to imagine what the peoples life like without technology,

    technology almost impacts every aspect of peoples life, the mobile

    phone, the computer, the mp3, the ATM and so on, obviously our life would become extremely inconvenient without these things, from these things we can see how important technology is. As technology is a very large topic, I can only pick out a very tiny part to talk about, we are going to talk about something about the wireless communication. Many friends asked me what 3G is, today I’ll give you a brief introduction about 3G.

    3G is short for the third generation mobile communication

    technology which support high speed data transmission.

    Compared with the second generation, 3G has greatly improved the speed of voice and data transmission, fast is the main characteristic of 3G, with this characteristic you can have face to face phone calls, easily and rapidly download music, pictures, videos and other forms of media, you can also have conferences

with your mobile phones. Theoretically, the peak downlink speed

    can up to 2.8 Mbps, 1/3 of ADSL which you usually use to surf the internet at home. Maybe 3G is not as fast as you expect, but think about the former two generations. The 1G came to use in 1995 can only make voice phone calls, the 2G appeared in 1996 and 1997, only added with simple data transmission, such as browsing web pages. Generally speaking, 3G is a new kind of wireless communication combined with Internet and multimedia.

    But there comes a problem with this new and advanced technology, which is sacrificing our privacy, a magazine said if everyone use 3G to have video phone calls the divorce rate will increase, friendships would be difficult to maintain, because any of the us did something wrong could probably lead serious consequences. If people have less privacy, the relationship of the society would be hard to maintain. But different people have different views, so I’d like to

    have your opinions.

    总问题,Theres a opinion that the development of the science and technology drive the world forward but actually the human being itself are moving backwards. Because we are too dependent on the

various tools, but forget to do things with our hand, we lost many

kinds of abilities. So what do you think about this opinion?

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