unit5 section A

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unit5 section A

    课题 Book2 Unit5 Section A

    Unit 5 Section A Warming-up & Listening Teaching Aims

    1. Most students should master some words and expressions about food, such as

    wonton, waxberry, chestnut, steak, restaurant and so on. And students can read the

    chant fluently.

    2. Most Ss can listen, understand the given materials and try to develop listening


    3. After learning this section, most students will know healthy food and healthy diet,

    which will help them to lead a healthy life. (Moral aims) Teaching importance

    1. Most students should grasp different kinds of food 2. Most students can develop the listening skills by listening to the information and

    listening to key words.

    Teaching difficulties

    Students can improve their ability of communication Teaching methods &learning methods:

    Task-based teaching method Task-based learning method

    Situational teaching method. Cooperative learning method IV. Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Lead-in (3m) Step 2 Warming-up (8m)

    Step 3 Listening 1 (8m) Step 4 Listening 2 (10m)

    Step 5 Chant (10m) Step 6 Homework (1m).

    Step 1 Lead-in

    before classplay a wonderful video: Delicious Food. Lead-in

    T: What can you see in the video?

    Ss: Apples/ bananas/ fruit/ milk/ hamburgers

    S2: Food. == Unit 5 food Section A

    Step 2 Warming-up (8m)

    T: Today we are going to learn Section A in Unit 5 Food. And I have pictures of food. And lets guess the name of the food by given


information. We will see who can get it with the least information.

    1) Guessing the food: what food is it?

    1. It is a kind of fruit.

    2. It is little, red and round.

    3. It tastes sweet and sour.

    4. The fruit from Chashan;茶山?is the most delicious.

    5. We can eat the fruit a lot during Dragon Boat Festival. (waxberry)

    (wonton) (chestnut) (zongzi) 2) Ss try to design a food riddle in pairs, then other students try to guess the answer.

    Tips: It is _____(a kind of fruit/ grain/ meat/a vegetable, a drink,)

    It is ______(color/ shape/ size)

    It tastes_____(sweet/ sour/ bitter/ salty)

    The one/ ones from _____(place) is famous.

    We can eat it in _______(time).

    3) Review and match the food and the names:

    1) Wonton

    2) Chestnut

    3) Waxberry

    4) Beijing Duck

    5) Steak

    6) Zongzi

Step 3 Listening (1) (8 minutes) —— Listen and choose:


    T asks one student and the following questions. Ss practice the dialogue in pairs.

    A: What is your favorite food?

    B: My favorite food is…. It is…. \I like … best. It is…

    While-listening: Listen and choose

     T: What is your head teacher's favourite food?

     Ss guess.

     Lets listen:

    1.What’s the man’s favorite food?


     A.Cakes. B.Fish. C.Vegetables.

    T: What did he have for meals yesterday?

    Where did he have meals yesterday?




    Step 4 Listening (2) 10m?—— Listen and fill in blanks


    T: Is it good for a person to have breakfast often in the KFC? S: No, it is unhealthy.

    T: In order to have a healthy life, what should we do? S: We should____/ we shouldnt_____.

S1: Dont eat junk food.

    S2: Eat a lot of vegetables.



    T: Here is a good passage which gives us some good opinions on healthy diet. Ask Ss

    to read it through and make some prediction first. Later, Ss try to finish it while

    listening, then check the answers at last.

    Ss read it aloud together.


    List the food in the passage.

    Put the food to the proper place in the Food Pyramid.

Step 5. Chant (10 m)


Pre- chant: (enjoy a song)

    T: What does the song tell us?

    Ss: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


    T: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is a famous English saying. It is also a poem. ( show the poem: an apple a day)

    1) Read the chant individually and read together in class.

    2) Compose the chant into a song.

    T: Can you sing the poem in different music styles freely?

    Ss prepare for their songs. Then Ss show their songs in class.

    Step 6. Homework ( 1 m)

    1. Read the chant.

    2. List healthy and unhealthy habits of diet.

V. Blackboard design

VI. Reflection

    I think my teaching plan for this period can fit my students well. What

    interests the Ss most will be food riddles, filling in the food pyramid and

    compose the chant into a song as they like. Although these tasks may be a

    little difficult, but Ss will like learning English and they can experience

    success in a challenging way.

     But there is still something that is not so satisfying. For example, most

    students can join in the class actively and finish the tasks successfully,

    however, a small part of students who are poor at English may not keep up,

    so I need to give them more help.

    Next, if time is not enough, the last step, that is, composing the chant

    into a song can be given as Ss’ homework and ask them to show it in the

    next period.


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