Unit4 Section A II[1]

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Unit4 Section A II[1]

    Unit 4 Sports Section A 2

    (1) Knowledge aims: Help Ss to master new words and expressions.

    Eg. Bedminton.,Skating, skiing,jogging etc. Ss can read the chant

    and can read the words and sentences with right tone. Ss should

    know some English sayings.

    (2) Ability aims: Improve Ss listening and speaking ability , Train

    Ss ability of communication and creativity.

    (3) Moral aims: Encourage Ss to join in class activities, Arouse Ss

    interest in English learning and Ss love for sports.

    Now, lets begin our class.

    Step1. lead in

    T: Hello, boys and girls ,nice to meet you. Lets enjoy a video

    together. Do you like this video?What sports can you see in this video?

    Step2 words with rising tone and falling tone

    T: Yes, we can see Football, basketball, volleyball, high jump, swimming.

    ( T uses simple drawing draw football, swimming, and write them on the Bb



    T: look at me, Please guess: what sport am I doing?( T uses body-language to act running, jogging, badminton. Lead out new words jogging, badminton and deal with them, write them on Bb.) T: Please read these words together. football, swimming, Jogging, badminton.(falling tone). We can also read them like this: jogging, badminton, football, swimming.(rising tone).

    T: Then I lead out rising tone and falling tone, and ask Ss to listen and follow reading.

    Step3 Listen and practice

    After Ss reading, Ill ask a student to read badminton, badminton. Then I ask him/her: Do you like playing badminton? Do you like playing basketball? Then I lead out the sentence Do you like playing basketball?

    Then Ill ask Ss to listen and choose the rising tone or the falling tone. While Ss practicing the sentence, Ill summarize the rule: General

    question sentence usually uses rising tone(一般疑问句用升调 on Bb).

    T: Yes, I like playing basketball, too. After I lead out this sentence , I ask Ss to listen and choose the right tone too. Then Ill summarize another

    rule: State sentence usually uses falling tone(陈述句用降调 on Bb). In

    the same way, I lead out other sentences: Is he making a kite? Which

    sport do you like ?

    David, open the door. What a lovely day! And ask Ss to listen and

    follow reading. After Ss reading, I summarize other rules: Special


    question sentenceExclamatory sentence usually use falling tone,but when it means surprised, it will use rising tone. --I bought this dress for

    500 dollars.

    --500 dollars

    Imperative sentence, when it means order,the tone is very hard,it will use falling tone;when it means encourage,request,it will use rising tone. Eg.

    Dont open the door ! Help yourself , please.

    Step4 Listen and mark

    T: Wow, What a lovely day! I want to do sports on such a fine day. Do

    you like sports? When students answer yes, Ill help them to say: sure, I

    love sports.

    Then I ask Ss to mark the right tone according to the rules above .After marking, Ill ask Ss to listen to the tape and check if they mark right. After checking, Ss will listen and follow reading. Then Ss will practice in pairs.

    T: Well, This is my friend, Tom. He likes skiing very much, skiing is his favorite sport. What about you? Whats your favorite sport? ( Ill ask 2 or

    3 Ss. ) Do you know what my favorite sport is? I like skiing best. After leading out this dialogue, Ill deal with the dialogue the same to the first one.

    In the same way, I lead out other dialogues and deal with them. After marking and reading, Ill ask Ss to work in pairs, to make up a


    dialogue .At the same time, Ill ask Ss to pay more attention to the tone. If they use the wrong tone, Ill correct them.

    Step5 English saying

    T: Wow, you are wonderful. Most of you like sports. It is really that Life

    lies in movement. Life lies in movement is a famous saying about sport.

    Do you know the meaning of this sentence?-- 生命在于运动

    There are many other english sayings about sports. Do you want to know? Well, let me show you. Can you tell me their Chinese meanings? Now please match them. After matching, Ss will read them one by one. Step6 Chant

    T: Everything is sport. Everyone should do sports. What sports can we do in summer? What sports can we do in winter? In our free time, we can go climbing, go rowing. We should run, jog every day.

    Come on, boys and girls. Dont be lazy, Lets do sports and enjoy the day.

    For the chant, Ill ask Ss to listen to the tape first. Then Ss will follow chanting sentence by sentence. Ss can beat their desks while chanting, like this:

    Dont be lazy, thats the way.

    Doing sports every day.

    After follow chanting, Ss will have a competition in groups. Step7 Consolidation

    T: 2012 London olympic games is coming. There will be many kinds of


    sports. Which sport match do you like to watch most? Ss can choose anyone they like.

    In each sport, it links an exercise in this class.For example:

    Step8 Homework

    Make a survey in your class to see which sports your classmates often do and which sports match they often watch. Then fill in the chart


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