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     Rosemount Nursery School

    February Song and Poem Sheet

Three Little Pigs Grandma’s Glasses

Three little pigs and a little pig more These are Grandmother’s glasses,

    Knocked on the farmer’s bright green door This is Grandmother’s hat;

    Be quick, Mr Farmer, we want our lunch, This is the way she folds her hands

    Hunch, Hunch, Hunch! And puts them in her lap

Three little calves and a little calf more These are Grandfather’s glasses

    Knocked on the farmer’s bright green door, This is Grandfather’s hat;

    Be quick, Mr Farmer, we want our lunch too, This is the way he folds his arms

    Moo, Moo, Moo! And has a little nap.

The farmer came out with a furious roar, 5 Sticky Buns

    Who’s that a-hammering at my door?

    Not a bit, not a scrap will you get from me 5 sticky buns Thus said he In a bakers shop

     Round and fat with sugar on the top

     Along came a boy with a penny one day

    Those poor little animals knocked once more, He bought a sticky bun and took it

    Quietly, quietly on the door, away.

    And said most politely on their knees,

    If you please!

A Crocodile Swam in the Water Cobbler, Cobbler

    A crocodile swam in the water Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend my shoes His jaws were open wide (Hammer with fists on knees)

    A fish swam along in the water Get it done by half-past two And he swam right inside My toes is peeping through The crocodile’s jaws shut tight (drum feet on floor)

    The fish slept inside all night Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe. And the crocodile yawned (hammer with fists on knees)

    in the morning light

    And the fish swam away out of sight.

A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

    A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,

    To see what he could see, see, see

    But all that he could see, see, see

    Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea!

Poor King Old John Muddlecombe

    (tune The big ship sailed on the Alley Alley Oh) Old John Muddlecombe lost his cap The poor king found a goldfish in his bath, (hands on head)

    A goldfish in his bath, a goldfish in his bath He couldn’t find it anywhere, the poor

    The poor king found a goldfish in his bath, old chap It swam between his toes. (look around high, low for cap)

     He walked down the High Street, and

    The poor king found a monkey in his soup etc. everybody said It pulled the poor king’s beard! (look round still looking under and


     Silly John Muddlecombe, you’ve got it

    The poor king found a crocodile on the stairs etc. on your HEAD! It nipped the poor king’s nose!

The poor king found a tiger in his bed etc.

    It ate the poor king up!

Postman Man Pat Miss Polly Had a Dolly

    Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman pat Miss Polly had a dolly And his black and white cat Who was sick, sick, sick Early in the morning, So she phoned for the doctor Just as day is dawning to come quick, quick, quick. He picks up all the letters in his van. The doctor came with his bag and Everybody knows his bright red van his hat and he knocked on the door All the children smile as he waves to greet them with a rat-a-tat-tat. Maybe, you can never be sure He looked at the dolly and he When he knocks, rings, letters through your door. shook his head and he said Miss Polly put

    her straight to bed,

     He wrote on some paper for a pill, pill, pill

    I’ll be back in the morning for my bill, bill,


All the little Milk Teeth Dr. Foster

    (tune: - I had a little Nut Meg) Dr. Foster went to Glouster

    All the little milk teeth In a shower of rain

    Standing in a row He stepped in a puddle

    Scrub, scrub, scrub Right up to his middle

    And away we go. And never went there again

First do all the front ones,

    Then do at the back,

    Every night and morning, Just like that.

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