quiz for medical terminology

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quiz for medical terminology

    Quiz for Medical Terminology

    Class__________ No. ________ Name __________ I. Complete the following statement 12%

    1. The study of the heart is called__Cardiology_.

    2. The three layers of the heart are epicardium___, __myocardium___and _endocardium_.

    3. The impulse for the heartbeat originates in the _________. 4. The artery that does not carry oxygenated blood is the ______. 5. The four heart valves are right atrium_, _left atrimu__, _right ventricle_and left ventricle__.

    6. The _ right atrium and _are the receiving chambers of the heart and the __are the pumping


    II. State the terms described 10%

    1. Pain in the heart angina(心绞痛)

    2. Disease of the heart muscle cardiomyopathy

    3. Enlargement of the heart cariomegaly

    4. Inflammation of a vein phlebitis

    5. Hardening of an artery arteriosclerosis atherosclerosis(动脉粥样硬化)

    III. Write medical terms of the following definitions 18% 1. Pertaining to a vein venous

    2. Fast heartbeat tachycardia vs bradycardia

    3. Specialist in treating the heart cardiologist

    4. Low blood pressure hypotension

    5. Inflammation for inner lining of heart endocarditis

6. Narrowing of the arteries arteriostenosis

    IV Define each combining form and provide an example of its use 20%

    1. Cardi/o heart cardiomyopathy

    2. Valvul/o valve valvuloplasty

    3. Steth/o chest stethoscope

    4. Arteri/o artery arteriosclerosis

    5. Angi/o vessel angioplasty

    6. Phleb/o vein phlebotomy

    7. Ventricul/o ventricle,lower heart chamber ventriculotomy

    8. Thromb/o clot thrombollysis

    9. Atri/o atrium,upper heart chamber atriozentricular

    10. Ather/o yellowish plaque,fatty substance atherosclerosis

    V. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese 20%

    Angina lasting more than 10 minutes may actuate a heart attack (by producing ischemia sufficient to cause permanent damage, whereby scar replaces the heart muscle). A threatened heart attack is an emergency because it is life threatening and may be reversible with prompt appropriate intervention. The diagnosis should be achieved as quickly as possible. At the early stages, simply chewing an aspirin tablet and/or taking nitroglycerin can often stop the immediate threat.


    VI Describe the path of blood flow in your own words 20%

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