my bedroom

By James Moore,2014-11-19 20:40
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my bedroom

ID NO: 0904130135

    Class: one

    Chinese Name:杨芳

    English Name: Sarah

    I have a simple but beautiful bedroom. It is situated in the south of our living room. It is decorated very sweet, so on first sight you will feel very comfortable. When you step into my bedroom, a big bright window with green silk curtains show up in front of your eye. It is very clean and you see beautiful scenery outside. All walls are painted pink because I like pink, and there are a few colorful decorations on the left wall. There is a double-bed which is covered with light blue bed- sheet and it is located on the left side of the window. On the right side of the window are three big flower-pots. I have some furniture in my bedroom: a yellow desk and a black swivel chair which are placed before the window. On my big desk is a computer, a bookstore, a vase and some beautiful decorations. Against the wall there is a white wardrobe which I can put all of my clothes in. I like to study in the bedroom in the morning under the window. The sunshine is very warm and it creates a good mood for me to learn something.

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