Murder by Small world

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Murder by Small worldMurd

Murder by Small world

    Antonin Hudec

    John Noble stood in front of a museum. It was getting dark. He went in the museum. John Noble was a private detective. There was a murder in a museum but the police couldn’t find any evidences. They didn’t have a clue, who was the murderer. Noble entered the

    building. There were seventeen people waiting for him. Mr. Bronze a very experienced police officer, the director of the museum Mr. Livioski, two other policemen and the rest were the museum visitors. There were thirteen of them although on the beginning of the museum tour, there were fourteen of them… The murdered person was Mr. Ronny. He was a bank director. “Hello everyone,” said Mr. Noble “I am here to solve the mystery of the murder. Please don’t be nervous and tell me what happen.” Than he asked Mr.

    Bronze who could be the suspect. “Everyone who were in the museum, Mr. Noble,” answered Bronze “but most suspicious at all is probably Mr. Franco, Mr. Ronny owed him a fortune.” Mr. Noble asked the witnesses what happened. All of them said the same


    A group of people was going through the museum. Mr. Livioski, the director of the museum led the group through a hall of reptiles. Three women were very excitedly watching a stuffed crocodile, Ms. Spoon was staring at ancient reptile skeletons, a doctor Mr. Terry was looking at a tortoise which was right next to a King Cobra, the animal Mr. Ronny was looking at. The other guests were looking around, but Mr. Franco looked very nervous (When Mr. Franco was telling Mr. Noble the story; he didn’t say anything about

    his nervousness). Then everyone left the room and went to see the mammals. Everyone expect Mr. Ronny. Few seconds later, everyone herd a scream, which was ripping everyone’s ear drums. They ran into the hall of reptiles and found Mr. Ronny on ground,

    without any movement. Mr. Terry, the doctor quickly knelt next to Mr. Ronny, while Ms. Spoon and the other woman were screaming. Mr. Ronny had a poisonous arrow in his neck, with a little message on it. Mr. Terry knew immediately that Mr. Ronny was paralyzed by a poison, so he took an injection from his bag, which he had every time with him and gave Mr. Ronny an antidote. Even though Ronny got the antidote, he didn't survive.

    Noble couldn't find out anything from the witnesses so he went to the crime scene. Mr. Ronny was still lying on the floor under the King Cobra with an arrow in his neck and a message on it. The massage said: I warned you. Small world Noble had no idea what it

    meant. He was looking for more clues. He found another clue! He found a fiber of textile on Mr. Ronny's vest. It was a piece of fiber, with a dark blue colour. That looked interesting. Noble turned around and he realized something. Mr. Franco was wearying a blue jacket, which had the same colour as the piece of fiber. “Mr. Franco,” Noble asked

    “Why does the piece of fiber have the same colour as your jacket?” Franco wanted to

    leave, but Mr. Bronze stopped him: “Where do you think you're going?” “Mr. Franco, I ask you again,” John Noble became inpatient “Why is the colour of the fiber match the

    colour of your Jacket?” “Answer Franco!” Mr. Bronze shook him. As he shook him, two

    arrows which were the same as the one in Mr. Ronny's neck fell out Mr. Franco's pocket. “That's enough Mr. Franco,” shouted Mr. Bronze while his face turned red “We have a lot of evidences against you. Mr. Jones, Mr. Jacobs, arrest him!” Before Mr. Franco could say anything, two policemen gave him handcuffs.

    “It looks like we got the murderer,” Mr. Noble said, “but let's get the end of the detective

    case done tomorrow. I am getting tired. Tomorrow at ten in the morning let's meet here.” Noble took the arrow out of Mr. Ronny's neck and asked Mr. Terry. “Mr. Terry, could you please give me the injection with the antidote you used on Mr. Ronny? I have to check its composition in the lab. I hope you don't have hurry somewhere.” “No,” Mr. Terry answered. “I don't have hurry anywhere. I help in this museum to stuff animals and I still have some work here. Here you go this is the injection.”

    When Noble got home, he analyzed the poisonous arrow. It contained poison from the King Cobra which paralyses its victim. Then he analyzed the antidote. But the antidote was too strong, much stronger than the poison in the arrow. It was strange that the strength of the antidote couldn’t cure the poison from the arrow. There must be another arrow in Mr. Ronny’s body there must be more poison. In the morning before all the end of the detective case, Noble looked at Ronny’s body again. But he didn’t find another

    arrow. He found a mark of a snake bite.

    “All right,” said Mr. Noble “Let’s end this detective case. Where is Mr. Franco? Mr. Bronze, please take him here it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday.” When everyone sat together like yesterday, Noble started his speech: “Mr. Ronny was murdered in a

    museum. He was killed with a poisonous arrow, which was in his neck. The same kinds of arrows were found in Mr. Franco’s jacket, and the jacket had the same colour like the fiber on Mr. Ronny’s vest. It looks like Mr. Franco murdered Mr. Ronny. But when I

    analyzed the poison and the antidote in my home lab, the antidote was to strong, a single arrow couldn’t kill Mr. Ronny. It meant more poison was given into Mr. Ronny’s body. Only few minutes ago I found out that Mr. Ronny has been bitten by a snake. The only snake with the kind of poison, which can paralyze is the poison of King Cobra! The snake Mr. Ronny was standing in front of.” “But I don’t understand,” said Ms. Spoon. “The snake is stuffed!” “It should been stuffed,” answered Mr. Noble “But someone who should stuff the animal didn’t stuff it. Someone only paralyzed the snake with its own poison. The snake is so much used to the poison that it didn’t die but only couldn’t move. Why didn’t you stuff the snake Mr. Terry? Why did you only paralyze it? You were the person who stuffs the animals it was you!”

    Mr. Terry took a deep breath. “It was me. My company lent Ronny a huge amount of

    money. He didn’t give it back. I wrote him few threatening letters and every time I signed as Small world because that’s a title of a book I read and I really liked the book. I knew Mr. Ronny likes snakes and I risked that he’s going to look at the King Cobra. I paralyzed the Cobra instead of killing it and stuffing it. I put some antidote in the Cobra so it would wake up for few minutes. When it bit Mr. Ronny, I ran towards Ronny knelt and stick a poisonous arrow in his neck to make sure the antidote, which I used few seconds later, didn’t save him. I put some arrows into Mr. Franco’s pocket to make him suspicious. And that’s my story.”

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