Nutrition 251

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Nutrition 251

Spokane Falls Community College NUTR 251-01

    Course Syllabus

Spring Quarter 2010

    Instructor: Stephanie Ahlgren, MS, RD, CDE

    E-mail: or

    In the e-mail subject line, write your name. I will respond to all e-mails I receive. If I don’t respond, I didn’t receive your e-mail.

    Phone: 1-509-251-8242 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

    Class Location: Building 8, room 124

    Class Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    Class Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Office: Building 8, room 147

    Office Hours: Tues: 12:00 p.m. to class start

     Other times arranged by appointment

     nd* Required Text: Discovering Nutrition. 3 edition. Insul P, Turner RE, Ross D.

     Text Website:

    Overview: Nutrition 251 offers instruction in basic nutrition concepts, current nutritional controversies and food selection for individual needs. Topics covered include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, energy balance, vegetarian diets, product labels and additives, life cycle needs, food safety, food technology and diets for athletes. Individual dietary habits will be examined through a self-evaluation of personal diet studies.

    Format: Lecture; 5 hours per week. Lecture will cover textbook material as well as supplemental material. Class discussion is encouraged. Class lectures will be done with multimedia presentations, including slides, videos, computer animations, and games.

    Student Expectations: It is expected that you will attend every class session. To prepare for each class session, you will need to read the textbook prior to class as outlined on the lecture schedule. Participation in class discussions is encouraged. Please conduct yourself in a professional manner during class. NO CELL PHONES in class. You will need to access “Online Syllabus” through the SFCC website to obtain lecture note outlines, detailed assignment instructions, and graded homework assignments.


    A. There will be 3 major exams consisting of 2 midterms and 1 comprehensive

    final. Each midterm will be worth 150 points and the comprehensive final is

    worth 200 points.

    Syllabus and Lecture schedule NUTR 251 Page 1 of 5

    B. Exams will cover textbook material as well as supplemental material

    presented during class lectures. Exam questions will be multiple choice, fill in

    the blank, matching, and short essay.

    C. There are no make-up exams. You may take an exam early if you are going

    to be absent from class on exam day ONLY due to a school related activity

    such as a SFCC sponsored field trip or sports competition.

    D. If you are not able to take an exam on the scheduled day due to an

    emergency, you must show me your hospital admission form or accident

    report or family member funeral announcement in order to take an exam late.

    You must notify me BEFORE the classroom exam begins if you have an


    E. If you miss an exam and do not notify the instructor prior to the exam,

    you will receive a zero.


     All assignments have a due date and must be turned in on that date or earlier. No late assignments will be accepted. If you have an emergency, you need to

    notify the instructor BEFORE CLASS on the assignment due date.

    1. Assignment #1: Food Record/Nutrition Analysis.

     You will keep a detailed 3-day food record. The food record may be neatly written or typed. Compare each day of the food record to the food guide pyramid. Then, enter each day of the food record into a nutrition analysis program. You will need to print out the nutritional analysis. Last, type a summary of your results. In the summary, include how your servings compare to the recommended ones in the food guide pyramid; vitamins/minerals you are low in; which ones you are high in; which foods you might include in your diet to meet recommendations.

     Please read the written, detailed assignment instructions carefully. The assignment instructions are located on blackboard in the assignment section.

    2. Assignment #2: Written Vitamin/mineral paper.

    1) Assignment of a random vitamin or mineral.

    2) Research recent scientific literature on the vitamin/mineral.

    3) Find 3 research articles. You must use scientific literature.

    4) Read at least one (of the three) articles in its entirety. The other 2 articles you

    may read the article abstracts.

    5) Write a 2 page paper about the vitamin/mineral. Include general information

    about the vitamin/mineral and then summarize the research articles. The

    paper must include the references of the 3 research articles.

    6) You will be required to post a brief summary on the vitamin/mineral

    discussion board on blackboard about how your vitamin/mineral is being used

    in research.

    7) In class you will give an oral report about your vitamin/mineral.

    8) Please read detailed assignment instructions located on blackboard, in the

     assignment section.

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3. Homework.

     Homework assignments are “mini” assignments. The objective of the homework is to help you come to class prepared to discuss the course material in small groups and then in class as a whole. The homework also provides additional ways for you to learn the course material. Homework is due on assigned due dates at the beginning of class. NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Class points summary:

    Exam 1= 150

    Exam 2= 150

    Final exam= 200

    Assignment #1= 100

    Assignment #2= 100

    Homework= 100

    Total class points= 800 points

    The total number of points you earn will be divided by 800 points in order to obtain a percentage. This percentage will be applied to the following scale to determine your decimal grade for the course.

100% 4.0 A 90% 3.5 A- 80% 2.7 B- 70% 1.9 C-

     99% 4.0 A 89% 3.4 B+ 79% 2.6 C+ 69% 1.8 D+

     98% 4.0 A 88% 3.3 B+ 78% 2.5 C+ 68% 1.7 D+

     97% 4.0 A 87% 3.2 B+ 77% 2.4 C+ 67% 1.6 D+

     96% 4.0 A 86% 3.1 B+ 76% 2.3 C 66% 1.5 D

     95% 4.0 A 85% 3.0 B 75% 2.3 C 65% 1.4 D

     94% 3.9 A 84% 3.0 B 74% 2.2 C 64% 1.3 D

     93% 3.8 A 83% 3.0 B 73% 2.1 C 63% 1.2 D

     92% 3.7 A- 82% 2.9 B- 72% 2.0 C- 62% 1.1 D-

     91% 3.6 A- 81% 2.8 B- 71% 2.0 C- 61% 1.0 D-

    Please do not hesitate to talk to me before or after class or contact me via e-mail or telephone if you have any questions about the material we are covering in class or questions about an assignment or exam.

Syllabus and Lecture schedule NUTR 251 Page 3 of 5

Lecture Schedule Spring 2010 SFCC 251-01


    Tues. Review Class Syllabus, Lecture Schedule, Chap. 1 Food Choices: 4-6 Blackboard; Class Introductions. Nutrients and

    Food Choices; Introduction to Nutrients; Nourishment

    Science of Nutrition.

    Thurs. Nutrients, food and health; Dietary Chap. 2 Nutrition 4-8 Guidelines; Food Guide Pyramid; Food Guidelines

    Labels; DRIs;

    Discuss Assignment #1

    Tues. GI tract; Digestion and Absorption; Lactose Chap. 4 The Human 4-13 Intolerance; Nutrition and GI disorders; Body: Food to Fuel

    Simple Carb; Complex Carb; Sugars; Fiber;

    Diabetes; Glycemic Index; Sugar Chap. 5 Carbohydrates

    substitutes; Labels & Food Models.

    Thurs. Finish Carbohydrates Chap. 5

    4-15 Fatty Acids; Triglycerides; Lipids in Body;

    Lipids in Diet; Lipids and Health; Chap. 6: Lipids

    Labels & Food Models.

    Tues. Finish Lipids; Chap. 6


    Thurs. Amino Acids; Protein Functions; Proteins in Chap. 7

    4-22 the body and in the diet; Vegetarian Eating; Protein

    labels and food models.


    Tues. Malnutrition in US and in developing world; Chap. 15: World View

    Graded Homework #1 is due 4-27 of Nutrition:

    Review for Exam #1

    Thurs. Chapters 1,2,4,5,6,7,15 EXAM # 1


    Discuss Assignment #2 Tues.

    Spotlight on Metabolism 5-4 Metabolism; Breakdown and Release of

    Energy; Biosynthesis and Storage; pp. 231-257

    Energy In; Energy Out; Body Composition; Chapter 8: Energy

    Overweight; Underweight; BMI; Body Fat; balance and wt. mgmt

    Weight mgmt; Gastric bypass;

    Thurs. Finish Weight mgmt; Underweight Chapter 8

    5-6 Anorexia; Bulimia; Binge-eating disorder Eating Disorders: pp.

    Graded Homework #2 is due 463-485

    Tues. Energy Systems; Nutrients and Exercise; Chapter 11: Sports 5-11 Fluid needs; Nutrition Supplements; nutrient Nutrition

    needs for athletes; Body Composition;

    Syllabus and Lecture schedule NUTR 251 Page 4 of 5

Lecture Schedule Spring 2010 NUTR 251-01

    Thurs. 5-13 Functional Foods; Food Additives; Dietary Chap. 3:

    Supplements; Complementary Tues. 2-16 Chap. 9: Vitamins Assignment #2 DUE! Student


    Fat-Soluble: A, D, E, K

    Water-Soluble: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B-

    6; Folate; B-12; Pantothenic acid; Biotin, C

    Thurs. 5-20 Finish vitamins: Chap. 9: Vitamins

    Minerals: Na, K, Cl, Ca, Phos, Mg, S, Fe, Chap. 10: Minerals

    Zinc, Se, I, Cu, Mn, Fl, Cr;

    Tues. 5-25 Finish Minerals: Chap. 10:

    Water Functions; Dehydration; Minerals

    Review for Exam 2

    EXAM #2 Thurs. 5-27 Ch. 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, met

    Tues. 6-1 Nutrition before conception; Physiology of Chap. 12: Life Cycle:

    Preg.; Weight gain; Nutrient needs of preg and Maternal and Infant

    lactation; Infant nutrient needs; Introduction of Nutrition

    solid foods;

    Thurs. 6-3 Continue Chapter 12--Infants Continue Chap.12

    Childhood; Changes in Aging; Mature Adults: Chap. 13: Life Cycle:

    Nutrient Needs, Concerns, Meal Management; Childhood through

    Adulthood Tues. 6-8 Nutrient Needs, Concerns, Meal Management; Finish Chapter 13

    Graded Homework #3 is due

    Food Safety; Food Sanitation; Food Chap. 14: Food Safety

    Technology; Genetically Modified Foods; and Technology; Thurs. 6-10 Spotlight on Alcohol; Alcohol metabolism; Spotlight on Alcohol

    When alcohol becomes a problem; alcohol and pp. 352-374


    Review for Final Exam


     FINAL June 16 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Syllabus and Lecture schedule NUTR 251 Page 5 of 5

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