Nutrition Innovation Awards for Alberta Schools

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Nutrition Innovation Awards for Alberta Schools

    Nutrition Innovation Awards for Alberta Schools

    Application Form 2011-12

Please note the following:

; Use the application form and format provided below.

; Your application should be a maximum of seven pages not including supporting materials.

; Bullet points and/or brief sentences are encouraged.

    ; The emphasis of this award is on nutrition. Though we recognize active living as an

    important part of a healthy lifestyle, points will be awarded based on nutrition initiatives.

    ; This award is only available to schools that have not won in the last three years.

    ; All components of the application must be filled out completely to be eligible to win.

; Refer to the online tools such as Tips for a Strong Award Application and An Example of a

    Winning Application for assistance in creating a high quality application.

Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 1 4/26/2012

    School Name: ____________________________________


Describe the school’s nutritional environment prior to implementing change. Check the items that

    apply to your school and provide a brief description for each.

Vending options (i.e. chips in vending machines) Classroom parties

Ex. Ex.

Canteens, tuck shops Fundraising done with food items

Ex. Ex.

Cafeteria food choices Breakfast, lunch or snack programs

Ex. Ex.

Special event days Daily Food Choices

Ex. Ex.

Track and field days Emergency Food Shelf

Ex. Ex.

Birthdays Rewards (i.e. candy given as classroom reward)

Ex. Ex.



Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 2 4/26/2012

2. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT (This section is worth 60% of the total score.)

    Each question is worth 5 points.

    2.1 Describe all of the great changes that you have made to improve nutrition at your school.

2.2 Highlight how your program has increased the consumption of Vegetables and Fruits and Milk

    and Alternatives, the two most under-consumed food groups.

    2.3 Who was involved in your project and what role did they play in making the initiative a success?

    Check the items that apply to your school and provide a brief description for each.

Students Parents

Ex. Ex.

Teachers School Administration

Ex. Ex.

     Businesses (i.e. grocery stores) Community Organizations (i.e. service

     clubs, community leagues)

    Ex. Ex.



2.4 How have students specifically been involved in the nutritional changes?

    2.5 How does your school staff model healthy nutritional habits in your school? (i.e. foods in the

    staffroom, food consumed in the classroom)

    2.6 Describe how your project has enhanced nutrition education in your school. (i.e. programs used in

    the classroom, classroom activities, school wide education initiatives, etc)

    2.7 Describe any roadblocks you encountered during the implementation of your nutrition changes

    and how you overcame them.

    2.8 Describe any guidelines or policies your school uses to decide which foods are allowed for sale in

    the school, for fundraisers and at special events. (ie. Canada’s Food Guide, Alberta Nutrition

    Guidelines for Children and Youth, School District Nutrition Policy, etc)

Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 3 4/26/2012

    3. RESULTS (This section is worth 20% of the total score.) Each question is worth 5 points.

    3.1 How have you evaluated the success of the program since its implementation? Describe the

    results of your evaluation.

    3.2 How has your students nutrition knowledge changed since implementing the nutrition

    initiatives at your school. Check the items that apply and provide a brief description for


Increased interest in healthy food Able to identify healthy foods

Ex. Ex.

Able to share with others what they have Other

    learned about nutrition. (i.e. family, peers)

    Ex. Ex.

    3.3 How have your students behaviours changed since implementing the nutrition initiatives at your

    school. Check the items that apply and provide a brief description for each.

Improved overall behavior Improved attendance

Ex. Ex.

Improved attention span Improved academic performance

Ex. Ex.

Choosing healthier food Using student mentorship/leadership to

     promote healthy food choices

    Ex. Ex.



3.4 How have the nutritional changes impacted your staff and school community?

Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 4 4/26/2012

     4. FUTURE PLANS (This section is worth 15% of the total score.)

    Each question is worth 5 points.

    4.1 Explain how you will sustain the changes you have made in the future.

    4.2 Provide information on future plans to continue or expand your initiative.

5. SUPPORTING MATERIALS (This section is worth 5% of the total score.)

     (Up to a maximum of 5 attachments of 1 page each which is over and above the 7 page application maximum)

    Note: All original versions of supporting materials will be returned once the application review

    process is complete.

    Please send along any additional materials that you feel support your program and would enhance

    your application. Items might include but are not limited to menus, guidelines, policies, newsletters,

    surveys or evaluations done, pictures, media attention, special event descriptions, student work,

    specific learning outcomes and quotes from students, staff, parents, community members, etc.

Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 5 4/26/2012

    Background Information

    Name and address of school: ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

    Name of your School Division: _____________________________________

Grade Levels at your school:

     Elementary School (Kindergarten to Grade 6)

     Junior High School (Grades 7-9)

     High School (Grades 10-12)

     Other (please specify): ________________________

Number of students attending the school: _______

Contact Person (name, email, phone number) ______________________________________


Please check the box that correctly reflects your project:

     New initiative Building on existing nutrition changes

     When did you start making changes? _________

    I give permission for the school’s name, contact information, photos (if provided) and initiatives to be featured on the Alberta Milk websites and on any print material.

I acknowledge that all the information in this application is correct and the events stated here did occur.

Please include two signatures, one of which must be a school administrator.

Print Name: ________________________________

    Signed: ________________________________ Date: ___________________

     Applicant’s signature

Print Name: ________________________________

    Signed: _________________________________ Date: ___________________

     School Administrator’s signature

A short survey will be administered to you at the end of the 2011-12 school year as part of the application

    process. By submitting your survey, you enter your school in a draw to win additional prizes.

    Nutrition Innovation Awards for Schools - 6 4/26/2012

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