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Reproductive System Project - Village Christian SchoolsReprod

Reproductive System Project

    Students will research the Structure, Function, and Pathology of both male and female reproductive system parts. The students will have several periods in the library to research and find this information for all of the parts listed on the following page. Once

    all of this information has been gathered the students will then “trace” the path the sperm takes to reach the egg (conception) and then continue to trace the path of the fertilized egg ending the tracing at implantation.

Students will need to have this assignment typed with a structure, function, and

    pathology description for each part. The following are the specifics students will be graded on in the project:

    Definition One or two sentences giving a brief description of the part. USE A DICTIONARY.

    Structure This refers to how the part is built. Where is the part in relation to the rest of the body and other reproductive system parts? How would you describe it based upon the information you have researched?

    Function This refers to what the part is responsible for. What does it do? Each part has a specific responsibility and in this section you should be specific about what each part is responsible for and how it contributes to the reproductive system.

    Pathology In this section we will explore what could go wrong with each part. There are various diseases, cancers, and problems that each part could face. I would like to know the most common problems. In this section you should describe these problems (at

    least two) and talk about how they can happen and what the results of these problems are.

    Diagram This is an educational piece that enables the reader to make correlations between structure, function, and pathology. Diagrams should be taken from the websites and sources given by the instructor.

    Tracing (This portion will be completed at the end of chapter 9. It is NOT due with the initial Reproductive System Project.)

    In this portion of the project the students will follow the path of the sperm from its creation (spermatogenesis) to the egg (conception) and finally implantation. Each part

    that the sperm passes should be accurately described. Each part that the egg passes

    should be accurately described. Students will be graded this portion based upon the accuracy of the tracing (each tracing should be in correct order and sequence) and upon the accuracy of the description of each part passed.

(Tracing continued…)

    The tracing portion of the project should be completed on a typed paper entitled, “Tracings”. The student should have three separate tracings to describe: the path of the sperm to meet the egg, the path of the egg to meet the sperm, and the path of the fertilized egg to implantation.

    List of Acceptable Websites

     The following are some websites I would consider appropriate for research on the reproductive system:


    o Use this sites links to dictionary, encyclopedia, and anatomy


    ; Ebsco host

    o Use the schools online resources link


    o Search human reproductive system



    Note about books…

    All approved books will be on the free standing metal rack in front

    of the librarian’s desk. Books provided by the library will be

    unavailable for checkout. Be sure to complete research within the

    allotted time each class period. If more time is needed to

    complete the project, the student must visit the library during off

    periods, after school, or before school.

    Female reproductive system Male reproductive system 1. Female sex cells/gametes, egg or 1. Testes

    ovum 2. Testosterone 2. Vagina 3. Epididymis 3. Labia 4. Vas deferens 4. Clitoris 5. Semen 5. Urethra 6. Sperm 6. Hymen 7. Prostate 7. Uterus 8. Urethra 8. Cervix 9. Penis (shaft & glanz) 9. Fallopian tubes 10. Seminiferous tubules 10. Ovaries 11. Seminal vesicles 11. Estrogen 12. Bladder 12. Progesterone

    Reproductive System Project

    ; Worth 600 points

    ; Grade based upon below requirements

    List of Requirements for Reproductive System Project

    1. Minimum of five pages TYPED report (12 font times new roman) 2. Definition is included for each part.

    3. Detailed description(s) of the STRUCTURE of each part, what does it look

    like, where is it located, how is it built

    4. Detailed description(s) of the FUNCTION of each part, how does this part

    work in relation to reproduction, what is this part responsible for 5. Detailed description(s) of the possible PATHOLOGY (problems) or things

    that could go wrong with each part.

    6. A minimum of one educational diagram should be used to explain each part.

    This picture DOES NOT count towards the one page requirement. 7. Plagiarism will get you an automatic F(0). You can use other resources BUT

    you must put the project into your own words.

    8. You will need at least 4 sources, other than your book, which must be cited on

    a separate sheet of paper. Title this page “references” or “works cited”.

    9. Please create a cover page for your project and attach the rubric below to the

    back of your project.

    Reproduction Project Rubric

    Definition included for each part - /10pts

    Structure of each part is described - /20pts

    Function of each part is described- /20pts

    Pathology of each part is described- /20pts

    Correct diagram of each part- /5pts

    Length (5 pages, double spaced, 12 font) /10pts

    Spelling/grammar - /5pts

    Reference Page /5pts

    Four references /5pts

    Grade _____________

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