Nutrition Label Worksheet

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Nutrition Label Worksheet

Nutrition Label Worksheet

Using a food of your choice, complete the following information. pertinent parts of the package Attach

    to this worksheet……minimum should be the Nutrition Facts and ingredient list.

    name of product _____________________________________________

     serving size _________________ number of servings _____________

    main ingredient in product ______________________________________

    Is the product fortified or enriched? See notes for definitions. If so, with what nutrients?

Common label terms...... check your text for their definitions. Is there an indication that these are used

    on your label? What nutrients are they referring to?

    high in any nutrients? If so, which ones?

    good source of any nutrients? If so, which ones?

    reduced in Calories or any nutrients? Again, if so, which ones?

    free in fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, cholesterol or Calories? Once more, which ones?

    Are there any of the acceptable health claims made regarding the product? Describe. Again, check your text for those which are allowed by the FDA.

There are three important forms of carbohydrates, two which are listed on labels - sugar (simple, energy

    source) and fiber (complex, not digested); the third is starch (complex, energy source). How many grams of each are found in this product?


    With your label, find the following information about the macronutrients.

    grams of carbohydrate (less dietary fiber) per serving __________

    grams of protein per serving __________

    grams of fat per serving __________

    Each of these nutrients supply energy. Calculate the Caloric content from each nutrient, then determine the total Calories per serving.

     __________ grams of carbohydrate x 4 Calories/gram = __________ Carb Calories

     __________ grams of protein x 4 Calories/gram = __________ Protein Calories

     __________ grams of fat x 9 Calories/gram = __________ Fat Calories

     __________ Total Calories

    How does this match up with the total number of Calories per serving listed on the nutrition label?

    Now calculate the percent of Calories coming from each of the energy nutrients for a serving of this food.

     Use the Calories from the above calculations. Note that the sum of the percentages from carbohydrates, protein and fat should add up to approximately 100%.

     Carb Calories x 100 = __________% of Calories from carbs

     Total Calories

     Protein Calories x 100 = __________% of Calories from protein

     Total Calories

     Fat Calories x 100 = __________% of Calories from fat

     Total Calories

By the way, is this food Kosher?

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