Many of you have most likely become aware of St

By Sheila Johnson,2014-04-10 18:40
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Many of you have most likely become aware of St

Dear Community Members April 10, 2012

    Many of you have most likely become aware of St. Charles County (SCC), as well as Wentzville’s City Council’s intend to continue the reconstruction of Duello Road from the Peruque Creek Bridge onward towards Highway N. There are a total of three remaining phases beginning in 2011 to 2014 in which to widen the road, place sidewalks and improve drainage and safety of this roadway. There was also a recent public meeting held on 2/24/11 in which the SCC and its design consultant, Case and Associates, provided information and a site map of the proposed Phase 2 Duello Road reconstruction, which has position its intended route between Duello Elementary School and the southern section of the Manors at Crimson Oaks (M@CO). This situation has raised a strong concern within the community to address the SCC Council regarding the method in which the development process was incorporated, why the change in the original road placement was suddenly changed without a public meeting to gain opinion on the new intended direction, and the affect of having the new intended road within a “unwelcomed” proximity to the M@CO homes along the revised road placement.

While the M@CO Homeowners Association (HOA) realizes the affect of the Duello

    Road Phase 2 project places a level of uneasiness with homeowners along the intended

    road corridor, this project does not produce an inward affect towards the M@CO HOA governance and its by-laws; in which our governance does not require or imply that the M@CO HOA is to support or provide any lead role in mitigating situation such as the

    Duello Road project. Nevertheless, had the project been affected directly within the community that impinge on our M@CO HOA governance and by-laws, the M@CO

    HOA would then take the deemed and appropriate course of actions to address the issue.

    To that end, the M@CO HOA felt it was prudent to at least look into the Duello Road project to provide our homeowners a list of contact information for our community homeowners to reach key decision-makers in which to address their comments and concerns. As well as a contact to schedule and utilize a meeting room for those whom wish to have community-related-driven forums and hold discussion with invited key-decision makers, without cost.

    The M@CO HOA understands the concerns of our community constituents and we as homeowners, as well, have our own personal opinions and concerns over the Duello Road project. However, to limit any conflict of interest or due process, the M@CO HOA will remain focused on the normal, day-to-day, community operations, and at this time not take a stand on the current SCC or Wentzville Duello Road design or reconstruction project.


    The Board of Directors

    Manors at Crimson Oaks, Homeowner’s Association

(List of contacts on reversed side)

    List of Contacts and Information


    ; Joe Brazil

    ; Chris Bostic Engineering Design Manager 636-949-7305 or email at

    ; Craig Tajkowski, P.E SCC Engineer 636-949-7305 or email at

; Ty Abbot Case and Associates, Inc design consultant 314-984-9887

    ; Scott Smith P.E Wentzville Director of Public Works 636-639-2030 or email

; Doug Forbeck Wentzville Community Development Director 636-639-2031

    or email at

; SCC Website Highway Division -

    ; Wentzville City Website Public Works -


    ; Cuivre River Cooperative Building customers of Cuivre River CoOp may use

    one or two Community meeting rooms within their building located at 8757 Hwy

    N, Lake St. Louis, MO, 63367. To arrange, contact Keith Stone @ 636-695-4731.

    For faster response, call Keith’s cell @ 314-630-0878 or an email to

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