Match each word in Column 1 with the appropriate definition in

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Match each word in Column 1 with the appropriate definition in

    Match each word in Column 1 with the Name______________________ appropriate definition in Column 2.

    1. Bill ____ a. A member of Congress chosen

     by a political party to help put the

     party’s bills through Congress.

    2. Committee ____ b. A meeting of the Democratic

     members of the House.

    3. Political Party ____ c. A meeting of the Republican

     members of the House.

    4. Majority Party ____ d. A person who helps the floor

     leader put bills through Congress.

    5. Minority Party ____ e. A plan or proposal for a law.

    6. Caucus ____ f. An organized group of people

     who have joined together to win

     elections and, thus, place their members

     in government office.

    7. Conference ____ g. The political party with more

     members in Congress.

    8. Floor Leader ____ h. A small group of lawmakers.

    9. Whip ____ i. The political party with fewer

     members in Congress.

Decide which of the following

    definitions are matched with the

    incorrect terms. Write C for correct and

    I for incorrect.

    ____ 1. Pigeonhole Bring a bill out of committee against the

     committee’s will, by majority vote of the

     whole House.

    ____ 2. Discharge Kill a bill by holding it in committee and

     not returning it to the floor for debate

     and veto.

    ____ 3. Quorum A majority of the members of a

     legislative body who must be present in

     order to conduct official business.

    ____ 4. Rider A draw-out Senate speech that is read at

    ____ 5. Filibuster An addition to a bill that is unrelated to

     the original bill.

    ____ 6. Cloture A vote to end debate on a bill and stop a


    ____ 7. Pocket Veto The way a President kills a bill by

     returning it to Congress unsigned with a

     list of reasons as to why he didn’t sing it.

    ____ 8. Presidential Veto The way a President may kill a bill by

     ‘pocketing’ it for 10 days and not

     signing it. This is only possible if

     Congress adjourns during the 10 days.

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