Nursing Listservs

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Nursing Listservs

    Nursing Listservs & USENET Newsgroups

    E-mail lists sometimes called "ListServs," after the name of a kind of e-mail list software are very useful tools for gathering and disseminating information. They are like telephone "party lines," but using e-mail. Users subscribe to an e-mail list, or group of e-mail lists, according to the topic areas that interest them (There are thousands of e-mail lists world-wide on various topics). When they are added to the list, they will begin to receive messages posted to the e-mail list server. Anyone who subscribes to an e-mail list receives any and all information posted to that service.

    Each list has its own rules of etiquette, usually distributed once you are accepted to the e-mail list. Some do not allow commercial postings. Some services are moderated meaning they have someone who determines if each posting is appropriate for their service. Most e-mail lists are not moderated. Also, from time to time you may encounter closed e-mail lists services open only to members

    or a particular group or organization.

    Words of advice: since most listserv subscriptions are handled automatically by computer, use of special ―stationary‖ and signature lines can really confuse the computer and generate serious error messages. When attempting to join a listserv, be sure to turn off the signature and avoid using email stationary formats. Most automatic listserv management software cannot understand commands in the subject line. Unless otherwise specified, please leave this blank and compose your subscription message in the body of the email.

    Follow the subscription information that accompanies each listing:

Addiction Nursing Discussion


    Subscribe ADDCTNSG (Firstname) ( Lastname)

    Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Discussion


    To join, send an email to:

    Type the word "subscribe" (no quotes) in the message line.


    Australian Operating Theatre Nurses: OR Nurses Down Under

    An email discussion list for Australian operating theatre nurses to share ideas

    and information and as a support group for each other. Information:


    BIRTHED : childbirth & parenting education classes This discussion list is for professionals interested in issues relating to childbirth

    and parenting education classes.

    To join, send mail to: with the message: subscribe

    BIRTHED. There is no archive of messages for this list. Bone Marrow Transplant Discussion Group


    To join, send an email to: with the message

    Subscribe BMT-TALK Firstname Lastname

Camp Nurses Discussion Group


To join, send an email to: with the message

    Subscribe CampRN Firstname Lastname


    CNS-L is an unmoderated list affiliated with the Clinical Nurse Specialist Interest

    Group of Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the list is to provide an international

    forum for networking, information sharing, and for discussion about issues relevant to the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist. To subscribe to CNS-L, send the following message:



    SUB CNS-L (Your first name Your last name)

CNS-L Listowner

    Pat Lyon


    The purpose of the CLINALRT LIST is to provide electronic distribution of Clinical Alerts that are issued infrequently and irregularly by the US National Institutes of Health. This moderated list is intended to serve health professionals, health science libraries, and others.



    To subscribe to CLINALRT, send the following message:


CLINALRT Listowner

    Gary Freiburger, Deputy Director

    Health Sciences Library

    University of Maryland at Baltimore

    Association of Community Health Nursing Educators


    To join, send an email to:

    With the message: Subscribe ACHNE-L Firstname Lastname

    Emergency Nurses Discussion Group EM-NSG-L

    To join, send an email to: with the message:

    Subscribe EM-NSG-L Firstname Lastname


    EYENURSE is a discussion list developed for registered nurses who work in ophthalmic care settings (operating rooms, clinics, offices, and hospitals). Topics for discussion include journals, advice on ophthalmic nursing care, family care and support issues, new trends in ophthalmic patient care, opinions on the future of ophthalmic nursing, and home care issues for ophthalmic patients. To subscribe to EYENURSE, send the following message:

    sub EYENURSE

    (Do not add your name or any other words to the message)



    EYENURSE Listowner

    Linda Vader

    Forensic Nurses Discussion Group


To subscribe, send an email to: with the message:

    Subscribe CLFORNSG Firstname Lastname


    GERO-NURSE is a LISTSERV for the Research Development and

    Dissemination Core (RDDC), one of the five cores for the University of Iowa Gerontological Nursing Intervention Research Center. The major purposes of the RDDC are to:

    1. coordinate research training of doctoral students and research scientists in

    functional and cognitive health status measurement, gerontological

    nursing interventions, and use of biostatistical methods in measuring the

    efficacy of gerontological nursing interventions; and

    2. disseminate scientific knowledge on functional and cognitive assessment

    and interventions to scientists, practitioners, and consumers. To subscribe to GERO-NURSE, send the following message:




    GERO-NURSE Listowner

    Pam Micheal-Milder


    GLOBALRN is sponsored by the School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco. It was created for nurses and other health professionals interested in topics related to culture and health. The list will allow participants to address areas of cultural competence, theory, practice, and research in an open and unmoderated forum.

    To subscribe to GLOBALRN, send the following message:

subscribe GLOBALRN your_full_name


    (that's the number one in the above)


    GLOBALRN Listowner

    Chuck Pitkofsky, MS, RN

    HCARENURS Homecare Nursing listserv

    To join, send an email to:

    With the message: Subscribe HCARENURS Firstname Lastname


    Homehlth is a discussion list for topics in the area of management, operation and other issues of home healthcare.

    To join, send message to Text: subscribe homehlth

    yourfirstname yourlastname. There is no archive available for this list


    ITNA is the mailing list for the International TeleNurses Association. Topics include telehealth and telemedicine and the use of computers and I.T. for remote consultation and diagnosis.

    To subscribe, send mail to: with the message:

    Subscribe itna [Your Name]. There is no archive of messages for this list. IV-Team-L

    Listserv for those with an interest in IV Therapy. To subscribe, send an email to:

    Legal Nurse Consultant Discussion Group


    To join, send an email to:

    Type "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject line of the message LNCNURSE Legal Nurse Consulting Listserv

    LNCNURSE, a listserv for Legal Nurse Consultants, is an open, moderated forum for the discussion of issues related to the field of Legal Nurse Consulting. It is also a place to network. This listserv has a subscription fee after the first month of $50.00 USD per year.

    To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:

    In the SUBJECT FIELD, type the following:


    Listserv Owner: Nicole Marie Spring

    Neonatal Nurses Discussion - NEONATAL-TALK

To join, send an email to:

    Type the word "subscribe" in the subject line, leave the message body blank.


    Nephro-RN: An unmoderated list for nephrology professionals. It is for nephrology nurses and other nephrology health professionals. If you experience problems sending or receiving messages from this list, please inform the list owner, at the following address:

    To subscribe to Nephro-RN, send SUBSCRIBE to: nephro-


    NURSE ADVOCATE: Violence in the Workplace

    Purpose: To define workplace violence, collaborate and share information, and support nurses rights as related to workplace violence.



    NP-INFO mailing list for Nurse Practitioners

    To subscribe, send an email message to In the body of

    the message, write only: SUBSCRIBE NPINFO Youremailaddress


This discussion list is for nursing educators worldwide.

    LISTSERV@UVVM.UVIC.CA with the To join NRSINGED, send e-mail to:

    message: Subscribe Nrsinged [Your real name]. An archive of messages for this list is available at:


    The NRSING-L list is primarily for the discussion of nursing informatics topics. However, any and all topics relating to nursing are welcome.

    To subscribe to NRSING-L, send the following message:

    SUBSCRIBE NRSING-L (Yourfirstname Yourlastname)



    NRSING-L Listowner

    Gordon Larrivee, MS, RN, CNS Nursing Informatics

    Nursing Administration

    University of Massachusetts Medical Center


    (NURHIS-L) Nursing History

    Nursing History List is an electronic mailing and discussion list for the discussion of nursing history. Topics of interest include issues which can promote dialogue, interaction, and collaboration related to historical research, nurse leaders and historical figures, and historical nursing archives and artifacts. To subscribe to NURHIS-L, send e-mail to:


    leave the subject line blank and in the message put only:

    SUB NURHIS-L your name

    NURSED-L : Nursing Education

    This discussion list is for the discussion of issues surrounding nurse education. To join send mail to: with the message: subscribe nursed-l

    [Your Name]. There is no archive of messages for this list.


    NURSENET is an open, unmoderated, global electronic conference for discourse

    about diverse nursing issues in the areas of nursing administration, nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research.

    To subscribe to NURSENET, send the following message:

    SUBSCRIBE NURSENET (Yourfirstname Yourlastname)



    NURSENET Listowner:

    Judy Norris, RN, PhD

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing

    University of Alberta, Canada



    Nursegrad is a discussion list for the discussion of topics related to graduate nursing education.

    To join, send message to Text: sub NURSGRAD

    [yourfirstname yourlastname. There is no archive of messages for this list. NurseRes

    The NurseRes discussion list focuses on nursing research. Novice and experienced researchers, as well as students, are welcome. Questions on any aspect of research are welcome, as are contributions and discussion about any aspect of research.

    To subscribe to NurseRes, send the following message:

    SUBSCRIBE NurseRes (Yourfirstname Yourlastname)



    NurseRes Listowner:

    Linda Q. Thede, RN, MSN (Doctoral Candidate)

    Assistant Professor and Director, Learning Resource Center School of Nursing

    Kent State University



    To unsubscribe send an email to the Mail to: address listed below with the Unsubscribe Info: in the subject line. Unsubscribe Info : unsubscribe NURSING-ETHICS-L To subscribe send an email to the Mailto: address listed below with the Subscribe Info: in the subject line.

    Subscribe Info : subscribe NURSING-ETHICS-L

    Description : Nursing Ethics Forum

    Administrator : owner-NURSING-ETHICS-L

    Info :

    Mailto :

Nursing language

    This mailing list is for the discussion of nursing terminology and classification. To subscribe send a message to: with the

    message: subscribe nursinglanguage The list is hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University

    Nursing Management - RNMGR

    To join, send an email to: with the message


Nursing Students Discussion -SNURSE-L

To join, send an email

    With the message: Subscribe SNURSE-L Firstname Lastname

Occupational Health Nursing - OHN-LIST

To join, send an email to: with the message:

    Subscribe OHN-LIST


    Palm-med is a listserv group. The subject of discussion is the use of hand held devices and their medical applications (e.g. the Newton, Palm-Pilot, Windows-CE, Psion). The purpose of the group is to advance this field and provide a resource for the users of these devices and their software.

    To subscribe send an email to, with "subscribe your

    name" in the subject header field. Messages are sent to the same address, but with no command in the subject header. This list is owned by Dr. Mike Kramer, University of Michigan.

Martha Rogers, Science of Unitary Human Beings Discussion NURSE-


    To join send an email to: with the message JOIN

    nurse-rogers Firstname Lastname

    Rural Nursing Organization - RURAL_NURSE

To join, send an email to: with the message:

    Subscribe RURAL_NURSE Firstname Lastname


    This discussion list is for those interested in Parse's theory of human becoming. To subscribe send mail to: with the message: Sub

    Parse-L [Your real name]. There is no archive of messages for this list. PERIOPa forum for perioperative/OR/theatre nurses worldwide

    Periop is an unmoderated list open to any person with an interest in the care of patients before, during, and after surgery. It is maintained by AORN member Bob Baxter, RN, CNOR. To join the list, send the following e-mail message: To subscribe to PERIOP, send the following message:

    subscribe periop (your first name) (your last name)


    SUBJECT: leave this line blank

    PERIOP Listowner

    Bob Baxter, RN, CNOR


    This discussion is for perinatal nurses.

    To subscribe send mail to: with the

    message: subscribe pnatalrn [Your name]. There is no archive of messages for this list.


    Psynurse is a discussion list for psychiatric nurses.

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