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    Simple Ways to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

    ------reflection on the low-carbon economy


    With the end of United Nations Climate Change Conference, “low-carbon”

    becomes the most popular word in the international society. Nowadays China also devotes to the low-carbon economy. However, only the government strive to do something is inadequate, we, as a member of the society, also have to take our actions to reduce carbon emissions.

    Key words: low-carbon economy, carbon emissions, low-carbon life

1. Introduction

    Nowadays, we promote environmental development. But these days, with the development of the world's industrial economy, the rapid increase of population, the unlimited human desire and the unrestrained rise in mode of production and life, people are paying attention to economic growth, which results in many damages to the earth. Among those damages, carbon mission plays the most severe part. Carbon emission refers to the green gases emitted during human beings’ activities, mainly the carbon dioxide. Thus make the world face a growing problem of climate and carbon emissions. And it is suffering from unprecedented crisis. (Science, 2009-08)

    As to this “crisis”, all countries in the world have taken actions to low carbon-contain elements in order to develop low-carbon economy. Low-carbon economy is based on low power consumption, low pollution. The ideal form is the full development of the "sunshine economy", "wind energy economy" and "hydrogen economy" and "biomass economy." Its essence is high energy efficiency and clean energy structures, the pursuit of green GDP, and the core is energy technology innovation, system innovation and the fundamental change of concept of human survival and development. (梁龙?2010-03)

    This development mode is fully in line with the Party's the 17th Session of the

    General Assembly report and the realization of China's sustainable development. It is an epoch-making irreversible trend, as well as a global revolution of production, lifestyles and values.

2. Reason of reducing carbon emission

    Scientists have discovered that industrial production and transport emissions, exhaust and dust are the main way caused by atmospheric pollution. Industrial waste gas in the adsorption of many dust particles will be toxic and harmful substances, these pollutants in the atmosphere will be a variety of chemical reaction occurs to produce more pollutants----the formation of secondary pollution. Accumulation of atmospheric pollutants in the air led to decline in air quality, direct risks to human health, and the destruction of the ozone layer, resulting in global warming. New research shows that, when the Netherlands who is abrupt climate change in the extinction. (林伯强, 2009-03)

    To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, select the "low-carbon life" is the bounden duty of every citizen. The following part will suggest some ways to achieve this goal.

3. Simple ways to reducing carbon emissions

    Since I came to this world, I have been told for many times that “the earth is our

    mother”. It is our irrevocable duty to make it much better. Now carbon-contained

    elements are the main harm to our planet. Thus our accountability reflects on reducing the carbon emissions. Then, how to do it? In many people’s eyes, to this huge global

    “tiger”, we, as an individual, are of no use. Of course we are small. But we also need to utmost our best to do something. Through our trial, we definitely achieve this goal. From, my point of view, we can do in from five aspects.

    3.1 In the home

    To low carbon, we should do from our little things, from our daily habits. Home is the main place for human beings. Thus we’d better do form the fundamental area we are in. We can do many things at home to achieve this goal.

    3.1.1 Electricity (Low carbon lighting, 2010-01)

    Electricity now is the most basic appliance at home. We can do some things in this aspect.

    Firstly, turn off lights whenever it doesn’t in usage. According to the statistics, each year, the power wasted worth about $11.2 million. If everyone knows to remind himself of turning of the lights, it would be a great contribution.

    Secondly, use energy efficient light bulbs, because U.S. energy department have searched out that use energy efficient light bulbs, instead of the traditional light bulb, can prevent the release of 400 million tons of carbon dioxide. Besides, energy-saving lamp is best not to switch on/off within a short time.

    Lastly, make sure the voltage of all the equipment you used is in line with the set voltage. We all know that if the voltage device works under high pressure, it will waste more electricity. What’s more, it is dangerous to do so.

    3.1.2 Water


    Everyday how much water will we waste? Associate Dean of Renmin University of China Environment----Zhouji said each year the water wasted by each one worth $64, which is 473 yuan. Well, what can we do in this area?

    Firstly, use the water more times as possible as you can. After bathing, the water can be used to wash the toilet; after washing the vegetables, the water can be used to wash the pots and other things so on and so forth.

    Secondly, almost all household energy is consumed in heating and cooling, so we should make effective use of natural ventilation, and avoid the room becoming too warm. In this way we could simply reduce the costs and carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 10%.

    3.2 In the transportation

    It is obvious that transportation vehicles make a huge “contribution” to the carbon-contained elements. But it is impossible for us to abandon them. Then is there any ways we can apply to reduce it? The answer is firmly “yes”.

    For one thing, reduce the times to use private transportation. Instead, use public transport as far as possible. If you use your car to go shopping, please try to make a

    good shopping plan. Walk, ride bicycles as well as use the light rail subway as more as you can.

    For another, avoid the cold start when you drive a car, reducing idling time, and avoiding sudden change of speed.

    3.3 At school or in the office

    First of all, waste classification can be a valuable resource recovery. Every day, a school can produce a great deal of rubbish by both the students and the teachers, such as waste paper, plastics, packaging, food waste and other garbage. Thus the school can apply this method to prevent the chemical reaction which will cause carbon release.

    Secondly, take good “care” of the computers. Nowadays, almost all schools and

    offices use computers to facilitate work. With no doubt it is very beneficial. But please do remember when the computer is of no need to use, enable it to "sleep" mode. In this way, we can reduce the power consumption 50%. At the same time, turn off unused programs and speakers, printers and other peripherals. We can also reduce the brightness of the monitor.

    Besides, the school can arrange students to plant trees during each year’s

    planting seasons. Trees are the great enemy of carbon dioxide. Planting trees can largely limit the quantities of CO .2

    3.4 In shopping

    When buying washing machines, TV sets or other appliances, choose energy-saving products and reliable low power consumption.

    Bring your own shopping bags or reusable bags with you when you go shopping. Raw materials of plastics mainly are non-renewable coal, oil, natural gas, fossil energy. Saving plastic bags is to save the energy on the earth. Meanwhile, reduce the carbon emissions.

    Buy local products to reduce transportation carbon dioxide products. For example: According to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, in the United Kingdom, 8% of carbon dioxide is emitted from cars of non-local products from

    transportation vehicles. In the same sense, buy the products in the simple packaging, and don’t buy the clothes which are unnecessary to us.

    3.5 As individual (黄炳元?2009-09)

    Reduce food waste. Today the phenomenon of wasted food is still quite serious. Calculation says that less waste of 0.5 kg of food, in case of rice, can bring about 0.18 kg saving of standard coal energy, corresponding 0.47 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. If we all reduce food waste r 0.5 kg per yea, the annual energy saving reaches about 241,000 tons of standard coal, 612,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

    It is common sense that smoking is harmful to health. Except for that, cigarette production also consumes energy. One less cigarette everyday, per person per year can save about 0.14 kg of standard coal, accordingly 0.37 kg of carbon emissions. If the country had 350 million smokers to do so, then the annual saving is about 50,000 tons of standard coal, 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Conclusion

    The earth is our mother. We cannot just say that but take actions to fulfill it. We are facing a deteriorating environment, the high cost of living. We should do our trivial efforts to better the life. Low carbon dioxide is beneficial to our human beings, even to the entire earth. So in order to live a good, clean, beautiful and safe life, we’d better try our best to lower the amount of the carbon. Low-carbon economic development operationally annotate saving energy and reducing emission, developing recycling economy and building a harmonious society. It is the Comprehensive Innovation and Practice of implementing the scientific development concept and building frugal society. In fact, as long as we hand in hand, it’s no doubt that we will

    be able to make the world become a better place.


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