300ma medical diagnostic x - ray machine

By Eva Murray,2014-10-12 21:06
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300ma medical diagnostic x - ray machine

Number: YSX0112


    Price: 5,950USD/set



    General radiographyFilter-ray-filter radiograph

    Unit Configuration

    Control HT generator unitHt cableX-ray tube unitRadiographic table-X-ray source column



    1 Single-table/single-tube

    2 Rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tube head 3 Single-phase full wave rectification high-voltage generator 4 Power voltage(v) radiograph kilovolt (KV).step-less control electric mechanism 5 Filament stabilizer for X-ray tube unit and space charge compel mentor 6 Radiograph volume KV mA and S. grading and interlock protection

    7 Adopt digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 priority coefficient,(for more accurately

    controlling time)

    8 HT primary, the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of heavy power 9 Radiographic table can move in length an breadth

    10The radiographic table. Column and vibrating grid are in a whole without ceiling and floor rails bottom



    Capacity Two-phase 30KVA

    Demand of power VoltageFrequency 380V/220V ?10(50HZ ?0.5Hz supply

    Intemal resistance 2Ω(380V) 0.6 Ω(220V) power supply Adjustable range 380?10% at220V being adjustable continuously

    50-90KV adjustable Voltage 50-90KV being adjustable continuously

    Small focus:50mA100mA,Big focus:50mA 100mA current Radiograph 200mA 300mA

    0.04~6.35s 23grades together grading a according time to R10 coefficient

    Capacity 20KVAinstantaneous High-voltage Max DC output voltage 125KV generator Max DC output current 300mA

    Model XD51.20-40/125 X-Ray tube Focus Small focus 1×1mm big focus2×2mm

    Length×width×height of bed 2000mm×665mm×700mm surface

    Moving range of bed surface 640mm in Length200mmin breadth Radiographic

    table Travel in length ?500mm

    Grid density N=28 Ray-filter of table Convergence distance f=100cm

    Grid ratio r=8

    Moving Longitudinally along 1000mm or 1800mm Radiographic table

    Distance to friend as moving up 650~1800mm and down (along column) Column of X-ray

    tube unit Rotary around the center of cross ?180? arm

    Rotary around the shaft line of -10?~60?~ +120? X-ray annular tubes

    Max size of cassette 356mm×432mm (14″×17)

    Note: We will not make another notice if the contour of product and technical parameters will be changed

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