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    !.Im going to help a friend of_________(Mary) with ________(she) Chinese. 2.-----Would you like to have a look at some pants? They may fit you well.

     -----Well, Id like to try those blue ________. A.pair B.ones C. pant D. pairs 3._______mothers both work in the same hospital.

     A.Tim and Peters B. Tims and Peter C. Tims and Peters D. Tim and Peter

    4.There are millions of websites on the Internet and there ______(be)a lot of useful ________(

    )on the websites.

    5.Come on, children! Help ________to some ________.

     A.yourself, meat B. yourselves, chilken C. yourselves, beefs

    6.The number of _______ ________(女图书管理员) _____ ______ ______ (超过)ten in the city.

    7.Its very exciting to imagine what our life will be like in ________time.

     A. 20 year B. 20 years C. 20 years D. 20 years

    8. -----Good morning. Madam. Can I help you?

     -----Sure, Id like _______for cooking vegetables.

     A. two cups of coffee B. three pieces of bread C. one bowl of dumplings D. five kilos of oil 9.If you want to sell your old house, why not put an _______in the newspaper?

     A. e-mail B. advertisement C. article D. advice

    10.Last week Lilys father bought her ______MP5 as _______unusual birthday present.(a,an,the,\) 11.Avatar(阿凡达)is such ________wonderful science fiction movie that I want to see it

    _____second time.(a, an ,the ,\)

    12.What ______ interesting news report we listened to yesterday! (a, an ,the ,\) 13.-----What _______amazing news ! Bill win _____medal in the long jump just now.(a,an, the,\)

     -----Really? Thats his ______(4) one at our sports meeting.

    14. How ______(strong) the wind is blowing!

    15.-----Look! Whats that in ______sky? ------- It must be _______plane. (a, an, the, \) 16.----Do you like playing ______violin in your free time?

     -----No. I like sports. I often play _______golf with my friends. ( a, an , the,\)

     ______sun rises in _____east and sets in _____west. (a, an, the, \) 17.-----Excuse me, are those ______new shoes? A.your, Mine B. my, Your C. her, Her

     ------No, they arent . ______are black over there. D. mine, Yours

    18.The weather in summer in Beijing is cooler than ______in Shanghai. (this, that, it, one) 19.There are only _____new words in the passage, but I know _____of them.

     A. some, none B.a few, all C. lots of, a few D. a few, none

    20.-----Who is singing in the next room? ------Well, _____must be Mary. (It, She, This,There) 21.We cant always think of _______more than _______.

     A. us, the others B. our, others C. ourselves, others D. ourselves, the others 22.The factory made _______noise. It was _____noisy that I couldnt sleep well last night.

     A. too much, so B. much too, so C. too much, too D. many much

    23.He spent ______time on his homework that he made a lot of mistakes.

     A. such little B. too little C. so much D. so little

    24.George works harder than _______student in his class. A.any B. any other C. other

     Shanghai is larger than ________city in Japan. D. the other 25.-----What ______thing do you want? ------Nothing________.(other, else) 26.-----The exam was very easy, wasnt? -------Yes, but I dont think _____would pass it.

     A. someday B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody

    27.-----Can I park my car here? ------Yes. You can park on ______side of the street.

     A. either B. both C. neither D. all

    28.Many visitors arrived _____Shanghai _____twelve _____the night ______October 10th.(介词)

    29.The road is usually very busy, especially _______the rush hours.(介词)

    30. Mr Black is strongly ______building the factory in the country.(介词)

    31.-----Can a plane fly ______the Atlantic Ocean?

     -----Yes,but it needs to go ______the clouds for hours. (across, through) 32.Paper is made ______wood while desks are made ______wood, too.(介词)

    33.-----Whats your hobby? ----_______collecting balls, I also like different kinds of CDs.(除了)

    34.The boy is _____a nice new coat. His brother bought it ______ten pounds.(介词)

    35.The girl came here _____her fathers car, not ______train.(介词)

    36.After four days treatment , the old man is _______to go home.

     A. well enough B. enough well C. good enough D. enough good

    37.----What do you think of the film? ------_____, but someone thinks its _______.

     A.Good enough , bored B. Enough good, boring C. Good enough, boring D. Enough good, bored 38.----What delicious cakes!----They would taste ____with butter. A.good B.bad C.worse Dbetter 39.Shanghai is one of ________(large)cities . Its the second _______city in East China.

    40.Thursday is my ________(busy) day in a week. His grandfather was -______ill.(terrible). 41. ______children there are in a family, _____their life will be.

     A. The less, the better B. The fewer, the better C. Fewer, richer D. More , poorer 42.----Do you understand what your teacher said in the English class?

     -----Sorry, I can ______follow him. A. hardly B. always C. usually D. nearly 43.The water in the lakes in Yunnan became ______because of the dry weather. 44.----Excuse me, sir. The shoes are a bit small for me.

     -----Dont worry. Ill change them for a ______size. A.smaller B. smallest C. larger D.largest 45.The weather in Kunming is _____too cold _____too hot. People like to live there.

     A.either, or B. both, and C. neither, nor D.not only, but also

    46.Stop smoking, _____you will get better soon. A. and B. or C. but D. after 47. Be quick, _____well miss the flight to Hainan Island. A.and B. or C. but D. after 48.I knew nothing about the accident _____my friend told me yesterday.(since,until, after,because) 49.I like playing basketball_______ my sister likes playing with a cat.(when, while,until, because) 50.Most________, he realized the ________of learning English .(important) 51.Simaqian is one of the most famous ___________(history).

    52.Lets set out earlier ______we can go to the party on time.(even if, as if, though, so that) 53.-----I dont like chicken _____fish.

    ------I dont like chicken either, ______I like fish very much. (and, or, but) 54.Aithough I failed four times, my father encouraged me to have a ______try. (five, fifth) 55.I went to college in _______and began to work in ________.

     A.the 1980, my twenty B. the 1980s, my twenties C. 1980, my twenty D. 1980s,my twentieth 56.____of the materials are recycled ______saved much money for us.

     A. Two-third, This B. Two-third,That C. Two thirds, This D. Two thirds, That 57.-----I have three English dictionaries .

     -----I have nine. I have three times ______you. much as many as C. as little as D. less than 58.-- -Have you got some water to drink?

    -----Here you are. There___ still some in the bottle.(be) 59.The Greens __________ (出发到)the USAby air next week.

    60.The old ______ ______ ______ _______(好好照顾) in China.


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