The Analysis of Singapore

By Elsie Jones,2014-04-08 21:50
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The Analysis of Singapore

    The Analysis of Singapore;s Development

    According to a new survey by Solidiance, Singapore ranks as NO.1 for

    innovation in Asia-Pacific. The conditions where Singapore can develop at

    such a high will be shown as follows.

    With reduction of its birth rate, Singapore regulates the national policy of population from birth encouragement to birth limitation and takes the policy of attracting the immigration as the important way to sustain the increase of its population. To attract foreign professionals and business elites, it also sets up the policy---Permanent National Population which proves to be very efficient.

    Singapore, as an island nation, is located in the center of South East Asia which holds abundant resources. It, as a part of the Strait of Malacca, is the necessary way for the oil transportation from West Asia to East Asia and is in the significant shipping routes of the Pacific and India Ocean. It is also the only way which contacts South Asia, West Asia and Eastern Africa and therefore becomes one of the world’s

    largest trade cargo transshipment ports. The transport of important necessities of many countries must be from here, such as Japan. All above make Singapore an important place in the world HNA, which means in some respects, it promotes the economic development.

    Besides, Singapore is connected to the nearby western Portion of Malaysia by a causeway 1.2km in length across the narrow Johore Strait and positions at the eastern end of the Strait of Malacca, which separates western Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. So it is well know as the crossroad of the world and is very busy. Singapore is an aviation center contacting Europe, America, Oceania and South Asia and the route has covered 54 countries and 127 cities. The unique geographical condition achieves it the center of commerce, transport and communication.

     Singapore belongs to the rainforest climate with well temperature and adequate rainfall, animals and plants, which made its beautiful scenery. It is no doubt conductive to the development of tourism.

    In the aspect of economic development, we can see that from1974 to 1985, Singapore began to develop processing industry, and economic growth is largely depend on the employment of migrant labor.On the one hand,government begin to solve the contradiction of labor deficiency by drawing up the law of immigration.On the other hand,they restrict the speed of the increasing labor numbers to Improve the central provident fund payment.Government also develop the service industrial and put Singapore into a financial and informational country.

    After the financial crisis in Asia,Singapore begin to develop the intellectuality -based economic industrial and encourage everyone in the country to innovate the pioneering work.

    Here are the goals Singapore sets:

    1. To transfer the limited resources into superior fields.

    2. To encourage local enterprises engaged in technology


    3. To establish the technology transfer intellectual property


    4. To attract the international talent and to cultivate local


    5. To strengthen the international cooperation to achieve win-win.

    All in all, the national economy of Singapore grows steadily in recent years.This remarkable development in economy does provide powerful guarantee for the national Innovation in Singapore.

    Singapore’s educational system is a perfect combination of Asian and Western. They take English as the mother tongue that teach in every school. As we all know, English is truly become an international language. That is to say, Singapore people can learn the international culture directly. What’s more, Singapore’s government value education highly. For example, their government uses 4% of their GDP to develop education. It’s really a huge of money that can guarantee the development of

    education. In addition, Singapore set a low threshold for aboard students and Singapore’s visa is also easy to get. Even though you don’t have a score of University Entrance Examination, you can also study in Singapore. The most important is that there are many colleges in Singapore that cooperate with other famous universities in Europe. That is to say, Singapore is a good springboard for aboard students who want to have a further education in Europe. To sum up, that is why Singapore has an excellent educational system and why Singapore has a great creation.

    The culture and background of Singapore influence creativity and development of Singapore. Singapore is influenced and assimilated by some western business practices. Many of the inherent beliefs and practices reflect the mainly Confucian ethics of the majority Chinese population. Singaporean have their unique business structures. The hierarchical companies are originated as family-run businesses. Staffs should adapt to different business models. They should do some in-depth research prior to interfacing with a company. Singaporean should remain as harmonious and non-confrontational as possible in a meeting. Respect should be given to the hierarchy during the meeting.

    Due to its position on the equator, Singapore is hot and humid all year round. Dressing style in business reflect the climatic conditions and tend to be more informal than in many western countries or even other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. The typical culture of Singapore produces excellent creativity of Singapore.

    With so many above-metioned conditions, there is no doubt that Singapore could develop as the NO.1 innovation among the 4 Asian tigers.

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