Attendance criteria - Devon & Cornwall Police

By Matthew Evans,2014-06-01 03:33
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Attendance criteria - Devon & Cornwall Police

Notes to Candidates

    1. Candidates are to be aware that in Section 4 of the blue application booklet we require

    detailed evidence of the ‘Essential experience and specialist skills and knowledge’ as detailed

    on the front page of the role profile.

    2. We want to deliver an excellent policing service to the people we serve. To achieve this we

    need high levels of attendance and we are therefore looking to appoint staff we are confident

    will have commitment to excellent attendance. There is often misunderstanding about

    attendance and why we look at absence patterns. Often candidates suggest we might be

    implying that some or all of their absences were not genuine sickness. This is not the issue.

    The force uses a tool called the Bradford factor and we look at a score of 300 as the intervention point. (Bradford Factor scores are calculated by taking the number of spells of absence in a 12-month period, squaring it and multiplying it by the total number of days absent. A person off for 6 months with a broken leg would achieve a score of 1x1x180 = 180. A person with 10 absences each of 1 day would score 10X10X10 = 1000. The first person, if they were one of our employees would not trigger management review, the second would).

    We will look at your attendance data and if you score more than 300 points in one year we would look at the preceding year and the one before. If you scored over 300 in two of the last 3 years we would question whether we could have confidence in your ability to deliver good levels of attendance in the future and would review your application. At this stage we would consider options including seeing further specialist advice, deferral or outright rejection of your application.

    Please ensure you complete the attached sheet covering the last three years absences and return it with your application form.

    In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 you are NOT required to disclose any disability and / or pregnancy related absences.

Attendance Criteria - External Applications

    Last name/family name: First name(s):

Post applied for: Location:

    Attendance of individuals at work is fundamental to the performance of Devon & Cornwall Police. The intention is to recruit, develop, reward and promote those individuals on whom the force feels able to depend on to attend work. Therefore attendance criteria applies to all internal and external applications. This is about the availability of individuals for work, not about whether the illness is genuine or if the absence is medically certified.

    The criteria are:

    (a) less than 300 points on the Bradford Factor over a rolling 12 month period.

    (b) less than 28 days absence over a rolling 12 month period.

    (c) less than 5 absences over a rolling 12 month period.

    The force is looking for applicants to have met all 3 of the above criteria in 2 of the last 3 years.

    Consideration will be given to excluding absences related to accidents at work.

    In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 you are NOT required to disclose any disability and / or pregnancy related absences.

    Please ensure the information given below is for the last three years only.

    Date of Absence Total number of days absent (including

    non working days / weekends From To

Signed: Date:

    Please note it will not be possible to process your application without this form

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