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     主编? 祁鸿宇 审核? 集备时间? 学科组长? 编号?WYc1-032


    评价预设/反思纠错 A. What do you do B. How old are you 评价预设/反思纠错 Unit 8 Id like some noodles. 训练学案 C. What do you look like D. What are you doing 7. What does he look like? He is _________. Period 4 A. a reporter B. 13 years old C. at school D. medium height

     8. We are having a math lesson now, you must stop _________ music. 姓名 班级 组别 使用时间

     【学习目标】 A. listen B. to listen C. listening to D. for listening 1. 复习本单元的重点单词,熟练掌握并运用。 9. She likes ________ chess after class.

    2. 通过做练习,掌握本单元的主要语法知识要点。 A. to play the B. playing a C. plays D. playing

     根据汉语提示填写单词 一、 10. Nobody ___________ his name, he is a new singer. A. have B. knows C. know D. is 1. His sister is___________(中等的) build. 11. She’d __________ some beef noodles for lunch.

     A. likes B. like C. have D. has 2. My friend has___________(卷曲的) hair. 12. Would you like some ___________?

    A. apples juice B. apple juices C. apple juice D. apples juices 3. That box is too ___________(重的), I can’t carry it. 13. There ___________ in the large bowls. A. are some rice B. is some rice C. has some eggs D. have some noodles 4. Is this ____________(流行的) music? 14. Two glasses of orange juice _________ on the table.

     C. have D. has A. are B. is 5. I’d like __________ (西红柿) noodles. 15. —— Would you like green tea _____ juice?

     I don’t like green tea _____ juice. —— 6. The _________________(马铃薯) are very delicious. A. and, and B. or, or C. and, or D. or, and

     7. It’s time for class, stop ____________(说话), please. 三、 改写句子

    8. He likes ___________(读书) after dinner. 1. Ma Yan is thin and medium height. (就划线部分提问)

     _______ _______ Ma Yan _______ ________ ? 9. He can’t say the _______;原因;. 2. She’d like beef and onion noodles for lunch. (就划线部分提问) 10.John likes ________ ()pizza(比萨)salad and ice tea very much. 线 线

     二、 单项选择 _______ _________ she _________ for lunch?

    1. _______ does your friend look like? She is medium build. 3. Mary’s hair is blonde straight. ;同义句; A. What B. How C. Why D. When

    2. Do you remember the popular singer _______ long straight hair? Mary ________ blonde and straight ______.

    A. has B. is C. looks like D. with 4. I want a medium bowl of noodles, please. (就划线部分提问) 3. Cathy __________ medium build and ________ curly hair.

    A. has, has B. is, is C. is, has D. is, has a ______ ______ bowl of noodles ________ you want , please?

    4. _________ Peter medium height? Yes, he ________. 5. She likes dumplings, fish and apple juice. (改为否定句) A. Does, does B. Has, has C. Is, does D. Is, is

    5. Nancy always _______ red dress and white shoes. She ________ like dumplings, fish _______ apple juice.

    A. is B. looks like C. is wearing D. wears 6. Id like a small orange juice.(一般疑问句)

    6. --- ____________? --- I’m tall and medium build. ______ you ______ a small orange juice?

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     主编? 祁鸿宇 审核? 集备时间? 学科组长? 编号?WYc1-032


    评价预设/反思纠错 7. I like rice and fish. (否定句) 评价预设/反思纠错 I ______ ______ rice ______ fish.


     A: Hi. Can I h _____ you?

     B: Yes, p_______. I’d like a l_______ pizza. A: What _______ of pizza would you like ?

    B: Cheese, tomato, and pepper (辣椒) .

     A: Ok, do you want any d________? _ juice. B: Yes, please, a soda and an o_______

     A: A _________ else?

     B: I’d like a salad. How m_______ are they? A: They are twenty-five d________.

    B: Here is the money.

     A: Thank you. Goodbye. B: _________________. Bye!


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