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    评价预设/反思纠错 2. Halloween used to be a festival intended to honour the dead. ( ) 评价预设/反思纠错 Unit1 Festival around the world》导学案;

     3. Qu Yuan was a great poet who people honour a lot in China. ( )

     Period 1 Reading? 4. Mid-autumn Festival is held to celebrate the end of autumn. ( )

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     5. Easter celebrates the birth of Jesus ( ) 【学习目标】 1. To get the main idea and some details of the text. 6. India have national festivals on October 2 to celebrate the harvest. ( )

     2. To improve our ability of reading. 【课堂小结】 【学习重点】:To get the main idea and some details of the text. What’s the main idea of the passage? Give one sentence to describe it. 自主学习导学案 2.完成本导学案学习题目 Learning guide: 1.The passage is mainly about different festivals and the ways of celebrations 【使用说明】130分钟讨论并展示自学内容 25分钟自测反馈 and also the reasons why people celebrate them all over the world. 3A级为拓展级;B级为应用级;C级为基础练习 【自我检测】(B): 【自主学习】 1. What do people not do in Spring Festivals in China? 一、Write the key words and phrases from memory. (默写重点单词与词组) C

     级( A. Eat dumplings, fish and meat together 1. 收获 2. 庆祝 B. Give children lucky money in red paper 3. 饿得要死 4. 起源

     6. 祖先 5. 宗教上的 C. Watch dragon dance

    7. 节日 8. 信任 D. Eat eggs and chocolates. 10. 诗人 9. 诡计

     二、Pre-reading讨论并回答下列问题(C) 2. Which of the following festivals is not celebrated in Japan? 1. What’s you favourite holiday of the year? B. Obon A. Easter ___________________________________________________________ C. Cherry Blossom Festival D. Mid-autumn Festival 2. What festivals or celebrations do you enjoy in your city or town?

     ___________________________________________________________ 3. What can we learn from the passage? 【合作探究】(B): A. All festivals have been lasting for a long period. 一、You are given 5 minutes to read the passage quickly and try to remember

    线 线 different kinds of festivals mentioned in the text. (match) B. People like festivals just because they can eat a lot then.

    Obon Festivals of the Dead C. Different countries have different customs.

    Cherry Blossom Festival

    D. People celebrate festivals in the same way. Halloween Festivals to Honour People

    Dragon Boat Festival

    Columbus Day Harvest Festivals


    Thanksgiving Spring Festivals

    二、 Read the passage carefully and then look at these statements. Decide

    whether they are true or false and give a reason. B级(

    1.The ancient people neednt worry about their food ( )

    1 2

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