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     主编;侯喜梅 审核; 集备时间; 学科组长; 编号;WY1-006


    评价预设/反思纠错 Part 2 评价预设/反思纠错 Unit2 Healthy eating》导学案 a lady: Her name is __________, she was standing in the front of restaurant to_________ her customers. Period 2 Reading? Yong Food: There were only two kinds of food and one_ drink,_____

     vegetables ,______ and _______. 姓名 班级 组别 使用时间

     【学习目标】 Prices: It costs _____________ a good meal in _____________ restaurant. 1. To get the main idea and some details of the text.

    Part 3 2. To improve our ability of reading.

     【学习重点】:To get the main idea and some details of the text. 1. What did Wang decide to do after he left Yong’s restaurant? 自主学习导学案 2.完成本导学案学习题目 ____________________________________________________________ Learning guide: 1.

     【使用说明】____________________________________________________________ 130分钟讨论并展示自学内容 25分钟自测反馈

     2. What did he do then ? 3A级为拓展级;B级为应用级;C级为基础练习 ____________________________________________________________

    【自主学习】C级( 3. We can infer from the last sentence that_____

     Different foods have different nutrition. According to this, we classify A.W would learn from Y B.Y would learn from W foods into three kinds: C.The competition had begun and would continue

    foods to give you energy? energy-giving foods能量食品 D.The two restaurants would give up the competition.

     body-building foods健身食品 【课堂小结】 foods to grow bones and muscle ?

    foods that give fiber for digestion and health? protective foods保健食品 What have you learnt today?

     ____________________________________________________________ Do you think you are eating a balanced diet?

     If we don’t eat a balanced diet, what may happen? _____________________________________________________________ 【自我检测】(B): too fat or too thin?

    A healthy (balanced) diet= Wang Peng’s Yong Hui’s

     energy-giving foods+ body-building foods+protective foods Mutton kebabs, roast 【合作探究】(B): menu pork, fried rice, cola, ice Read the text and match the main idea of each part. cream Part 1 Wang Peng thought out a good idea to have a 线 线 (___) competition with Yong Hui’s restaurant. strength fiber foods Part 2 Wang Peng felt frustrated because he found his

    (___-___) customers had come to other places to eat.

    Part 3 Wang Peng found the reason why Yong Hui’s

    weakness fat, not enough fiber not enough ________feel (___-___) restaurant was more attractive.

     tired quickly Read the text again and complete each part:

    Part 1

     feelings : ___________ strange price inexpensive/cheap

    Wang Peng foods : _______________ ______________ fried rice

    his friend : not coming to eat

    1 2

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