Why you should lock the gate

By Leroy Arnold,2014-06-19 19:50
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Why you should lock the gate

    Some Facts About Coal Seam Gas

     Ten Good Reasons for Farmers to Lock Their Gates

    1. Your farm, your business and your lifestyle may be adversely

    changed for decades. The experience of the majority of

    landholders who have dealt with CSG companies operating on their

    land has been overwhelmingly negative and greatly outweighed by any

    financial compensation. Read about the experiences of 4 farmers at


    2. You, your family and your staff and even your livestock -

    may be subjected to fumes and dust that could affect your

    health. Typical releases from gas wells include BTEX (benzene,

    toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene), volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

    and polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). All these substances

    affect the respiratory system. 25% are carcinogenic; 37% affect the

    endocrine system; 52% affect the nervous system and 40% affect the

    immune system. They can and do contaminate air, surface water

    and underground water systems. Heavy metals and other toxic

    compounds are also naturally present in coal seams and may be

    brought to the surface in waste water.

    3. You may lose control of your business. Banks are already refusing

    business loans to owners of properties near gas fields. In Queensland,

    compensation is considered ‘off-farm income.’

    4. Your property value may fall. Very few buyers are interested in

    property in, or close to, a gas field. Initial compensation agreements

    may seem fair and reasonable but may be changed without your

    knowledge or consent and with no discussion about increased

    payments. Any agreement you sign could bind all future owners of the


    5. You may be subjected to unreasonable noise from hundreds of

    vehicle movements and heavy machinery operating around the

    clock, 7 days a week. Gas - well sites may be flood-lit at night. Many

    people find this makes it difficult or impossible to sleep. Together with

    the lack of respect for you, your family and your business, and the loss

    of privacy this can lead to a number of stress-related health conditions. 6. You may lose control of your day-to-day property

    management. Some of your land will be taken out of production.

    Each gas well requires a 1 hectare pad plus an all weather access road

    and pipes. You may also have a compressor, a saline water storage or

    evaporation pond and other infrastructure on your farm with little or no

    Authorised by Drew Hutton for the Lock The Gate Alliance Inc.

    say on exactly where they are placed. Precision cropping and controlled

    traffic farming systems cannot co-exist with CSG developments. 7. Your most important asset your soil could be at risk of risk of

    permanent damage from salt or toxic chemicals. If saline

    associated water contacts your soil it will become useless for


    8. Your water will be at risk of contamination with toxic chemicals,

    regardless of whether or not you have a gas well on your property.

    This may be from the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, from the

    chemicals naturally present in coal seams, or even the gas itself. Some

    of these substances accumulate in the food chain. Whether you are a

    grain grower or livestock producer, the quality of your product will be

    at risk.

    9. Your groundwater supply may diminished. Aquifers adjacent to

    coal seams, and shallower, alluvial groundwater connected to coal

    seams may be drawn down as the coal seam is depressurized to allow

    the gas to flow.

    10. Your property could be at increased risk from the introduction

    of new weeds. OH&S issues could prevent you from undertaking

    weed control at the optimal time. Weed hygiene may be a condition of

    access but many landholders have found it is often overlooked. This

    will add to your production costs.




    Authorised by Drew Hutton for the Lock The Gate Alliance Inc.

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