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     主编;王彦杰 审核; 集备时间; 学科组长; 编号;WY1-004


    评价预设/反思纠错 3. How did Li Fang know the manager wanted to shut the coffee shop? 评价预设/反思纠错 Unit1 Festival around the world》导学案;


     Period 4 Reading? 4. Why did people want the whether to be fine on Qiqiaojie?

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     _____________________________________________________________ 【学习目标】 1. To get the main idea and some details of the text. 5. What is the reason why Li Fang did not meet on time?

     2. To improve our ability of reading.

    _____________________________________________________________ 【学习重点】:To get the main idea and some details of the text. 自主学习导学案 2.完成本导学案学习题目 Learning guide: 1.6. How did Li Fang feel at the end of the story? Why? 【使用说明】130分钟讨论并展示自学内容 25分钟自测反馈

     _____________________________________________________________ 3A级为拓展级(B级为应用级(C级为基础练习 【课堂小结】 【自主学习】 What have you learnt in this class? 一、Write the key words and phrases from memory. (默写重点单词与词组) C

    ________________________________________________________________ 级, ________________________________________________________________ 1. 道歉 2. 淹没 【自我检测】(B): 3. 悲伤 4. 明显的 Writing: 6. 哭泣 5.

    Discuss with your group members and write a different ending to the story, 7. 出发 8. 提醒 beginning with: As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way, … 10. 习惯 9. 原谅

    Eg: 【合作探究】(B): As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way, Li Fang heard his () Read the passage carefully and then look at these statements. Decide whether they are true or false and give a reason. B级, name called. It was Hujin. He didn’t think Hujin would love him any longer. He

    1. The girl Li Fang loved and waited for didn’t turn up. ( ) was so sad. But to his surprise, Hujin went to him with a beautiful flower. Li 2. Because her most lovely daughter got married to a human secretly, the Fang didn’t know what to say. Would he tell her the truth? Goddess got very angry. ( ) Finally he was honest with her. Hujin know she has made a mistake about 线 线

    3. Zhinu was made to return to Heaven without her husband. They were allowed the place to meet. Hujin forgive him, they look each other, and laugh.

    to meet once a year on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month. Since then, they know each other more better.

    ( )

     4. Hu Jin had been waiting for Li Fang for a long time with a gift for him.

    ( )


    1. How did Li Fang feel at the beginning of the story? Why ?


    2. What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing?


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