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    By Sydney Boyle

    Drowned in my sleep I dreamt of a dangerous, fierce, dragon waiting for me to separate from the hunting group, that I would get lost and lose myself in a chilling, heart racing, and bloodcurdling forest. “Luke, are you awake yet?” My sister Ellie whispered in my ear. I jumped bonking heads with her. “Ugh…Sorry, are you okay?” I asked. “What were you dreaming about a dragon or something?” she asked. “You guessed that right”. I said with an exasperated tone. “So anyway why did you wake

    me up, I mean what time is it?’ I asked. “Mother told me to wake you up and I have no idea what time it is, but you’re right it is early.” She said. “We are probably having some lords coming over or something, she made me dress up.” Ellie said with a bored expression. “I’ll meet you

    downstairs in a few minutes.” I said. “Okay.” She said while hoping down from my rather high bed.

    Ellie awaits me at the table. Mother sits next to her in a lovely, milky white dress with a hint of gold and rose red. Her hair was pulled up in a bun with gold woven into it. She looks most elegant as does Ellie in her periwinkle dress with a hint of silver with the same hair due. Then there’s me with an itchy black and red velvet suit. When my father came down he looked very superior and excellent, wearing an emerald and dark blue velvet suit. “What’s going on here?” I asked. “Oh! Were having your fathers brother’s family over!” my mother squealed with excitement. “Oh that’s fantastic.” I said with exasperation. “Does that mean that cousin Kyle is going to be here?” I asked with irritation.

    “Please be nice I know he is annoying sometimes, but maybe he has um… matured.” My father said doubtfully.

    The sound of heavy horse hooves could be heard for my room. I trudged to the big oak door where my Aunt and Uncle were waiting with my cousins Kyle who was the oldest, Arthur which was the second oldest, Louis, Elizabeth, and Jane the youngest. My mother and father took my aunt and uncle on a tour of our feudal castle. Unfortunately I was stuck with Kyle. Arthur and Louis had run off somewhere and Ellie had taken Elizabeth and Jane to the garden to play. I tried to contrive on how to get rid of Kyle but my mind went blank. Luckily they were only staying for three days and one of the days we were going hunting.

    The first day was miserable Kyle found everything we did to be vapid. He didn’t want to ride horses through the gardens; he didn’t want to practice our sword fighting, he didn’t want to do anything! It was so irritating but I did my best to be imperturbable for I knew he was only doing this to irritate me he was always contriving on how to make my life miserable I swear to the good swords man.

    Finally the day of the hunt came. Kyle acted blasé but I knew he was as eager as everybody else. We all mounted our horses. When my father gave the signal we all dispersed throughout the bloodcurdling forest. We spilt up into three separate groups unfortunately Kyle had to come in our group. I did my best to ignore his annoying complaining and tried to stay at the back with one of the stable boys. The sound of rabbit cries could be heard through out the forest as the hunt went on. As the sun moved across the brilliant blue sky, more hunters were

    heading back to return their kills to the good old cook. One by one the hunters left until only Kyle and I were left.

    As soon as the all the hunters had left Kyle and I began to hunt again hoping there were some rabbits left. After not seeing one rabbit in two hours we began to head back as well. The forest began to grow dark with every step and white beady eyes started to watch us.

    Suddenly a horrible stench clogged my nose as we walked on. “Ugh…Kyle at least warn me next time.” I said plugging my nose. “That wasn’t me.” He protested. “Then what was that?” I said while looking around cautiously. Suddenly the ground began to shake as an enormous creature walked toward us. Kyle immediately hid behind me, pushing me forward. The creature came into sight and suddenly I thought back to my dream I had a few nights ago. It was the same dragon I had dreamt of. Its evil white beady eyes bore into mine. Its emerald scales looked like spikes in the light of the setting sun. I started to quiver as I tried to scream but my voice came out squeaky. Then suddenly I forgot everything my father had told me about encounters with dragons I just ran.

    Kyle ran after me right on my heels. We ran dodging in and out of trees. The ground shook even harder as the dragon ran after us. The dragon sprung into the air flying over our heads and landed right in front of us. I skidded to a stop Kyle knocking into us. We both quivered as the dragon crept closer. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping this would be over quickly.

    I never imagined my death being caused by a dragon or that I would die the same day Kyle did I was kind of hoping his days would come to an end sooner than mine.

    Suddenly we heard screaming and the sound of arrows being shot through the air. I opened my eyes to see what the commotion was all about and I was certainly glad to see my uncle, my father, and all my father’s greatest knights shooting bow and arrows at the dragon that had almost eaten Kyle and me. The dragon struggled to fly away but the knights had already shot too many arrows into the dragon wings. The dragon let out a quiet growl and hit the cold ground with a loud thud.

    As soon as we step in through the big oak door we were attacked by our mothers and sisters with hugs and “Are you all right?” As soon as we broke free we all headed to the dining hall where cook had cooked the rabbit and duck we had hunted. As the night went my eyes began to droop and soon people were disappearing into the night. Finally I sauntered to my room and quickly fell asleep. Drowned in my sleep I dreamt of a dangerous, fierce, dragon only this time I was waiting for the dragon.

    What do you think happened in his dream when he

    was waiting for the dragon?

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