Unit2 My days of the week lesson6

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Unit2 My days of the week lesson6My,of,Unit2,days,the,week,Days,Week,day,The

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

    PEP English Teaching Plan(5A)

    Unit 2 My Days of the Week

     Period 6

    I.Teaching contents

    B Read and write Group work C Task time

    IITeaching aims

    A. Knowledge aims

    1. Understand, be able to say and use: What do you do on

    Saturdays/Sundays? What about you? I do homework. I read books. I

    watch TV, too.

    2. Can make a book in Task Time.

    B. Ability aims

    Ss can use the phases and the sentences in real situation correctly. CEmotion aims

    Help ss to develop a good life habit and arrange their time to learn well.

    III.Teaching key and difficult points

    A. Key pointsMaster these phases and sentences: What do you do on Saturdays/Sundays? What about you? I do homework, too.

    Can use the sentence structure in real situation. B. Difficult points

     IV.Teaching methods

    Demonstration method TPR Communication method

    V.Teaching aids

    Multi-media word-cards a tape recorder

    1 teacherFelicia Liu

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

VI.Teaching procedures

    Step1: Warm up and review

    1. Greeting: T asks some questions

    2. Sing a song: My Days of the Week.

    3. Games: Teacher turns the turnplate and goes in the classroom slowly,

    says: What day is it today? Together with the SS, says STOP, the one

    who is besides the teacher should answer: It’s day. Then the same

    way to review: What do you do?

    Step2: Presentation

     Leading in:

    1. Read and order: Show word cards: do, you, on, what, do, Saturdays, one student holds a card, then says Begin; the ss go to the stage quickly and order the cards to be a sentence.

    The same way to order: I watch TV on Saturdays. What about you? I do homework, too.

    2. Present the phrases:

    T: Boys and girls, do you want to know what Zoom does on weekends? Show a card of Zoom, lets listen, and then ask: What day is it today?

    Listen again let the ss think the questions: What does Zoom do on the day? What does his aunt do on the day?

    3. Play the video of the dialogue and explain the difficult points in it such as: Its time to go to school. What about you? Then fish the blanks. 2 teacherFelicia Liu

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

Step 3 Practice

    1. Ask and answer: Teacher shows a card of an activity, say: What day is

    it today? SS: It’s . T: What do you do on Saturdays? SS: We

    often .(Look at the card og activity and answer.) 2. SolitaireT: What do you do on Saturdays? S1: I often . What do

    you do on Saturdays? S2: I often . What do you do on Saturdays?

    S3I often . What do you do on Saturdays? S4?…

    3. Give ss several minutes to read and practice with their partners.

    Step4. Consolidation and extension

    1. Summary.

    2. Learn to sing the chant.

    Step5 Homework

    1. Listen and read the dialogue after class. 2. Retell what Zoom does on weekends to your friends or parents.

    3. Ask your parents: What do you do on weekends? VII.Blackboard design

    Unit 1 My Days of the Week

    What do you do on Saturdays?

    I watch TV on Saturdays.

    What about you?

    I do my homework.

    VIII.Teaching reflection

    3 teacherFelicia Liu

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