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A Read and match (请阅读并排列顺序;

    B Read the story.

     Sam and Ben were old friends.They were poor but happy.

     One day Sam went to spend the evening at Ben''s home. They shared some food and talked happily. When it was time for Sam to leave,it stared to rain heavily.

     '' Please can I borrow your umbrella, Ben?''asked Sam. ''Of corsem my dear freend. But my umbrella is old and has some holes in it. Do you mind?'' ''It doesn''t matter. It''s getting dark so nobody will see the holes.''said Sam.

    ''The rain is very heavy. I don''t think you can go home in it so you''d better stay the night.'' said Ben as he opened the door for Sam.''That''s very kind of you, Ben.'' said Sam. ''but I can''t sleep without my own pyjamas so let me go home and get them first.''

    How well did you undrestand the story? Answer the questions. 1 Were Sam and Ben rich or poor? _____________________ 2 Which word in the story says that the two friends ate some food together? ________________

    3 What happened when Sam wanted to go home?


    4 What did Ben lend Sam? He lent Sa,


    5 What was the unbrella like? It ____________________ 6 What did Ben want Sam to do?


    7 Find a word in the story which means ''the clothes you wear

    when you sleep.''


    C Writing( 写作;


    Susan is my good friend.

    She is a happy girl.

    She often tells me funny stories.

    She helps me to do my homework.

    She shares things with me too.

    She is very good to me so I like her very much.

    Who is your good friend? What is he/she like? What does he/she do for/with you ? Why do you like him/her?

    _____________________________ is my good friend.





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