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Teaching Design NSEFC Module 1 Unit 1 friendship The analysis of teaching material The topic of this unit is friendship. In the part of using language, the two letters, listening, questionnaire design, letter writing and fun writing prepares students to further talk about friendship, especially the problems..

    Teaching Design

     NSEFC Module 1 Unit 1 friendship

    The analysis of teaching material

    The topic of this unit is friendship. In the part of using language, the two letters, listening, questionnaire design, letter writing and fun writing prepares students to further talk about friendship, especially the problems with misunderstanding, and unfriendliness, thus strengthening students’ abilities to practice language, discover, and solve problems.

    The analysis of learning condition

    Learning objectives

    Language skills

    To practise students’ listening ability

    To practise students’ writing skills of how to offer advice.

    Language knowledge

    Learn to use the target language, such as

     I (don’t) think…… I (don’t) think so. I (don’t) agree.

     I believe…… That’s correct. In my opinion, ……


    To improve students’ ability to help others solve problems.

    Cultural awareness

    Learning strategies

    Language focuses and anticipated difficulties

    The language focuses

    Anticipated difficulties

    Teaching ideology

    Listening and writing are expansion of the topic of the text. Listening is about Lisa’s problem of making a friend with a boy. She asks Miss Wang for advice. Through listening and exercise, students learn how to give advice and the skill of giving advice. And also let them think about the problem of boy’s making friends with girls and girls with boys. And then design a task to ask students to give advice according to the different problems to practise their ability to solve the problems. All of these lay the foundation for the next task writing. In this way, students feel that they have information to put out. And writing makes for the improvement of students’ writing ability, strengthening their comprehension of friendship.

    Teaching methods

    Task-based language teaching;Communicative teaching;Situational teaching

    Teaching aids

    Teaching aids Purpose

    Multi-media devices, PPT document To arouse Ss’ interest; to improve learning efficiency

    Blackboard To highlight the focuses and clues.

    Teaching procedure

    Step 1 Lead-in

    Do you remember what Ann’s best friend is?

    Is it a man or a thing?

    Have you seen the film Cast Away?

    When Tom is alone on a deserted island, what does he make friends with? ( a volleyball)

Guess what my best friend is? (Say sth. about music, pets or plants.)

    T: friends are very important in our life, and understanding is very imoprtant in our daily life but misunderatandings happen between people now and then. Now think it over: What would you do if you are misunderstood by others?

    But here Lisa has such a problem. Read the letter. Lisa is asking you for help. What advice will you give? You are given 2 minutes to discuss in groups and then offer group’s opinions.

Step 2 Listening

    Besides you Lisa also asks Miss Wang of Radio for Teenagers for help. What advice does Miss Wang give to Lisa? Let’s listen to what she says.

    Listen for 3 times and do listening exercises.

Step 3 Post-listening

    Do you think Miss Wang’s advice is helpful? Discuss it in small group. The Ss may use the

    following expressions in your conversation.

    Now suppose you are editors of Radio for Teenagers, here are some problems for you to offer advice.

    (Give each group a problem and ask them to write down their advice.)

    1. I don’t have enough pocket money.

    2. I’m not satisfied with my appearance.

    3. My desk mate has lost a reference book, she/he thinks that I’m a thief.

    4. I work hard but I hardly make progress.

    5. I want to travel to WuZhen Town with my fiends this weekend, but my parents don’t allow

    me to go.

    6. I don’t like the way Mr. Li teaches us English, so I’m not interested in English any longer.

    7. My mother has just given birth to my little brother. I’m worried that the baby will rob me of my parents’ love and even everything.

    8. I quarreled with my best friend 3 days ago. Up to now, we haven’t said a word to each other.

    9. I’d like to be monitor, but at the same time I doubt whether I have such ability.

    10. I’m often late for school. The teacher is so angry that he threatens that if I’m late again, I will be dismissed.

Step 4 pre-Writing

    Your advice is good and helpful. All of you are qualified editors. Now I have just received a letter from a lonely boy. Read the letter, what is his problem? What is your advice for him? Brainstorm with your partner about ways to change the situation, make a list of ideas and give reasons Decide which idea is the best, and put them into the right order.

Step 5 writing

    The Ss are asked to write a letter to xiaodong and give him some advices. Step6 Homework

    Write a story about you and your friend.

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