1today we prepared the for everyone to enjoy

By Jerry Johnson,2014-10-16 15:46
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1today we prepared the for everyone to enjoy

    1Today we prepared The Shawshank Redemption for everyone to enjoy.

    The Shawshank Redemption told the story of Andy Dufresne in the shawshank.

    2At the beginning of film, Andy Dufresne find his wifes amour

    by accident,then he prepared the gun to kill the women and her lover,but at last he gave up.however, his wife and the man finally been killed as well.

    3then,he was accused by killing.he was sentenced life,andy Dufresne’s life in prison begin.

    4that is the life scene in Shawshank

    5-8at the arrival of the prison,andy experienced many difficuties,such as water syringe,burning powder,and the mok

    from the other prisoners.some new comers cried and scared,but andy not.

    9the disasters are not end.the sisters begin taking notice of andy,then,he start suffer beating because of his

    unyieldingness .

    10but all the difficulties were overcomed,andy adapt to the new life in Shawshank,he begin to make friends with others ,then making use of his ability,he helped perfect the library system . 11then,after many years,andy successfully run away from


    12the manager of the prison also be found grafting,and killed himself.

    13finally,andy and his friend meet the

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