1how to have a health life

By Lee Rice,2014-10-16 15:46
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1how to have a health life

     How to have a health life

1. Importance

     Living a healthy lifestyle and promoting ones own health in the process has

    become an increasingly important component of life in modern societies. Lifestyle means a way of life that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. The following reasons can help us to understand why a health lifestyle is important to us.

    First, there has been a growing recognition among the general public that the major disease patterns have changed from acute or infectious illnesses to chronic diseases-like heart disease, cancer that medicine cannot cure.

    Second, numerous health disasters, such as AIDS and cigarette-induced lung cancer, are caused by particular styles of living.

    Third, the mass media and health care providers emphasize lifestyle change and individual responsibility for health.

    Therefore, more and more people recognize the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle .

2. health lifestyle

    A. food :

    food is an necessary part of our life. No food, no life. But if we eat a kind of foods too much, this will be harmful for your health. For example, if you eat too much fat or sugar, you will become fatness and get fatness-introduced diseases such as heart diseases, liver diseases and so on. If your foods short of one necessary element for a long time, your body will not balance and you will get ill. For example, if your foods short of iron element, you will get anaemia. You will feel very tied all day. If your foods short of iodine element, your neck will become thick. Most of these necessary element exist in fruits and vegetables such as carrot(it contain many kinds of vitamin), spinage(it contain iron element), celery and cabbage(they contain abundant fibre) and so on.

    B: Exercising

    Exercising is helpful for health. But different people have different way of exercising. Running quickly fit for youths. Walking slowly fit for elders. Besides the ways of sports, you must choice the right exercising methods. The volume of exercise should be increased gradually. The volume of exercise will be appropriate when you feel very well. If your exercise volume exceed tolerance of your body, it is difficult for you to insist on exercising.

    C: keeping good habits

    Good habits means customary behaviors such as eating slowly, go to bed and get up early, like pure cotton clothes and so on. Eating slowly is beneficial for your stomach. Go to bed and get up early is helpful for your health. Liking pure cotton clothes can made you avoid allergens.

    3. Conclusion

    In a word, healthy lifestyle is helpful for our health. There is evidence that pursuing a health lifestyle can enhance ones health and life expectancy. An extensive ten-year survey of the health

    lifestyles of nearly 7000 adults in Alameda County ,California, identified seven good health practices: ? seven to eight hours a night of sleep; ? eating breakfast every day; ? seldom if

    ever eating snacks;? control ones weight; ? exercising; ? limiting alcohol consumption; ?

    never having smoked cigarettes. People reporting six or seven of these health practices were found to have better health and longer lives than people reporting fewer than four of them. Such developments suggest that health lifestyles should be important for many people. Health lifestyles also should be more common in our society.

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