tester work

By Kyle Woods,2014-06-26 15:52
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tester work

    A more responsible for job??do Performance testing& function testing well??

    A good communication with Developers and tester??

    Play a primary active, dynamic nature in routine work?? Propose some effective and feasible advices for team testing?? Give team members the technical assistance??


"-Create and execution the test case of craft

    -Test the sonapsV4.4 and V4.4.1??4.4.2,4.5 in QA system -Trainning new team members.

    -Learn the sonapsV4.4/V4.5 SPEC

    -Reproduce and verify onsite bug

Give designer the help at the beginning of Design??

    Find out document'omissions and errors after design document Release. Write matrix & testcase on the basis of design document . Pass the matrix meeting successfully.

Coordinate project leader to do routine work.

    Keep active and passionate during working.

    A good communication with Developers and tester

    Provide some useful and effective suggestions to improve problems we met while testing XPRI NS.

    Do my best to help our team members deal with problems.

    Do my best to give colleagues technical support and help them deal with problems they met during testing work.

    Share my testing experience with team members at XPRI NS testing team communication meeting.

    Give useful suggestions to support new colleagues to get the point of testing files quickly according to my testing experience.

    Can analyse the problem found in testing ,and locate where is happen on the whole??

    Accumulate and sum up the bugs during the routine testing and backtrack from on site??

    Know well Test coverage point of new patchs and new functions??

    Problem-oriented. Active to analyze reasons and do my best to find methods to deal with problems.

    Good at summarizing the problems including on-site feedbacks during working

    Acquaint with new patch and system functions.

To improve my professional knowledge??

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