New Zealand Dialysis Standards and Audit

By Carlos Collins,2014-04-26 19:42
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New Zealand Dialysis Standards and Audit

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    Specialist Medical Services


Title Tier Status Purchase Unit Codes Specialist


    Services Specialist Medical 1 Mandatory

    and Surgical

    Diabetes Service 2 Mandatory M00010, M20001, Diabetes M20004, M20005,

    M20006, M20007,

    M20010, M20015,

    M20020, M20025,

    MS01001, COGP0006

    Local Diabetes 3 Mandatory M20020 Team or an

    equivalent service

    Podiatry for People 3 Mandatory AH01006 with at risk/high risk feet

    Assessment and 3 Mandatory M20010, M20015 Support for people

    with High Risk

    Type 1 Diabetes

    (Insulin Pump)

    Diabetes Education 3 Recommended M20006 and Management

    Refer to the 2011

    tier two Diabetes

    Services Appendix

    A - Diabetes Care

    and Education

    Services tier three


    specification. This

    Appendix A

    provides the



    description of

    services that will be provided as DHBs

    move away from

    contracting the

    Diabetes Education

    and Management

    Services M20006

    under the 2003

    version of this



    Diabetes Retinal 3 Mandatory M20007 Screening

    Free Annual 3 Mandatory COGP0006 Review for People

    with Diabetes

    Assisted or Artificial 2 Mandatory FS01001, FS01002, Fertility

    Reproductive FS01003, FS01004, Technology Service FS01005, FS01006,

    FS01007, FS01008,

    FS01009, FS01010,

    FS01011, FS01012,

    FS01013, FS01014,


    FS01020, FS02001

    General Medicine 2 Mandatory M00001, M00002, General M00003, M00006,

    M00008, M00009,

    M00010, M00PRE,

    M10001, M10002,

    M10003, M10006,

    M10007, M10008,

    M10009, M15001,

    M15002, M15003,

    M15004, M20002,

    M20003, M25001,

    M25002, M25003,

    M25004, M25007,


    M30005, M30014,

    MS01001, MS02001,

    MS02002, MS02003,

    MS02006, MS02008,

    MS02009, MS02010,

    MS02011, MS02012,

    MS02013, M54001,

    M65001, M65002,

    M65003, M65004,

    M65008, M65009,

    M65010, M65012,


    Clinical Genetics 2 Mandatory NS10010, NS10011, Genetics NS10012, NS10013,

    NS10014, M00010

    Metabolic Services 2 Mandatory NS10030, NS10031, Metabolic NS10032, M00010

    Medical Oncology 2 Mandatory M50001, M5009, Services M50020, M50021, Oncology MS01001, MS02001,

    MS02009, MS02013 Paediatric 2 Mandatory M30002, M30003, Oncology and M30011, M30016, Haematology M34001, M54001, Services M54002, M54003,

    M54015, M54018,

    M54004, M54005

    Radiation Oncology 2 Mandatory M50001, M50007,

    M50008, M50016,

    M50022, M50023,

    M50024, M50025,

    MS02013 M00010

    Coordination of 3 Recommended AH01010, M50018

    AYA Cancer


    Pain Management 2 Mandatory PC0001, PC0002, Pain Service PC0003, PC0004,

    PC0005, PC0006,

    PC0007, PC0009 Renal Services 2 Mandatory M00010, M60001, Renal (See Standards M60002, M60003, below) M60004, M60005,



    M60009, M60010 Sexual Health 2 Mandatory SH01001, SH01002, Sexual SH1003 and SH1004 Health

    The NZ Dialysis Standards and Audit Document Reference Material Public interface with private radiation oncology services

    Protocol for sharing public radiation oncology capactity between

    cancer centres

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