as people health awareness enhancement

By Frank Daniels,2014-10-16 16:05
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as people health awareness enhancement

    As people health awareness enhancement, for the sake of health, drink the rest assured, have choose homemade soya-bean milk, thereby stimulating domestic microcomputer automatic DouJiangJi marketSoya-bean milk has a

    very high nutritional value, is an ideal health food.According to expert introduction, the soybean milk contains a variety of high quality protein, vitamins a variety of amino acids and a variety of trace elements necessary for human bodyNo matter adults, the elderly and children, as long as keep on drinking, for prevention and treatment of disease, enhancing physical quality is goodThe spring and autumn period and the drink soya-bean milk, can

    nourish dry, harmonic Yin and Yang; Summer drink soya-bean milk, hot heat, thirst thirst; Winter drink soya-bean milk, remove cold warm stomach, nourish and supplementsSoya-bean milk have has the effect of beauty beauty,

    in the winter to drink a cup of hot soy milk, warm warm stomach and heartBuy a contentment DouJiangJi, can

    put the bean curd workshop to take home——

     1.Brand~Designer DouJiangJi generally after years of market test, more perfect and superior performance

    First is to understand its source materials and fittings, used by good DouJiangJi commonly used 2.Quality~

    material and accessories is better, and there are some imported accessories

     3.Safety First~Should also check the power plug wires, etc., when choosing appropriate buy national quality and safety system certification of products, such as 3 c certification, eu CE certification, etcSold on the market

    of DouJiangJi must comply with the requirements of national security standard, must have CCC authentication marks, but now some market sales of the product still has not passed CCC certification, consumers must understand and grasp

     4.Service~Perfect service system is a good guarantee the quality of the products so need to have a pre-market sale of after-sales service, and satisfy the service node density

     5.Capacity of the choice~When DouJiangJi of choose and buy, can choose different capacity according to the family how much DouJiangJi, if your home is a two people, advised to choose a 800-1000 ml; If your home is three or four people, it is recommended that the 1000-1300 ml; If you home is in more than 4 people, it is recommended that the choice of 1200-1500 ml DouJiangJi

     6.The structure of the machine and designs

    ?!?With smart non-stick easy cleaning technology: real intelligent non-stick DouJiangJi is to heat the water temperature to normal temperature, after began to pulping process, etc.

     ?,?Crushing effect: the performance of the motor and blade design is reasonable, determines the bean pulp yield and degree of crushing.

    ?(?Net technology: good net mesh according to the herringbone cross arranged, dense and uniform. ?;?See heating tube shape: the ideal DouJiangJi heating tube is little lower semicircle, easy to wash and loading and unloading of the net.

    ?,?Of soya-bean milk for the first time after boiling cooked to a 4-5 minutes of time is the most ideal. ?:?See if using the golden ratio design: bean volume proportion of pulping water temperature and water boiled pulp pulping time time whether a combination of factors such as the best results

    ?;?Unnecessary features will increase the price of DouJiangJi therefore, consumers in the choose and buy when DouJiangJi specific issue concrete analysis, not credulous manufacturer of one-sided word, so as not to buy back the wrong product

DouJiangJi structure

    DouJiangJi, controlled by microcomputer, realizing preheating mashing boiled pulp and delay full automatic boiling process, especially by adding soft fire boil boil handler, more make the soya-bean milk nutrition is rich, taste more freely available

    ?!?;?(,?,!;Cup body is like a big cup, with a handle and LiuKou, mainly used for water or soy milk

    ?,?The nose of DouJiangJi~

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