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     Evidence of English Language Ability

     Dear Immigration Officer,

     Regarding the New Zealand Silver Fern Job Search Visa, its really a peerless chance for

    worldwide skilled youth to create achievement and build up new life there. As a competent English user, I had the fortune to get an application quota on Apr. 27th; nevertheless I have no sufficient time to take an IELTS test due to current heavy work.

     Now, you are almost my second parent, who is able to adjudge my application and change another lifetime of mine. Because according to the requirements, I know your respected and honorable immigration officer may, on a case by case basis, consider the evidence of subsidiary. Moreover, as an excellent speaker, writer and singer, I have always been thinking about how to make it to be more attractive and influential when I launched at this supernatural land 2 years ago.

     Please kindly have an eye on the sincere and energetic heart, considering the following possible evidences for your reference.

     a) Majoring in English, I had graduated from Jiang Nan University which is the listed diploma ratified university on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.

     b) To get the qualification of translation, I got the English level certificate including:

     TEM8: Test for English major (senior English major)

     CET6: College English Test level 6; Spoken English Test Level B

     The courses of study during 4 years are including spoken English, listening English, reading English, English movie, comprehensive English, multi-culture, international business English, English society and culture, English writing, English grammar, symphony, foreign-related secretary, International commerce, English literature, linguistics, advanced English, translation, English newspaper and American literature, etc., which were entirely taught in English.

     c) I had got the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa in 2009, and had entered New Zealand for sightseeing twice, writing many articles to introduce the attractive country within the approved


     d) Working as the Director of Product Marketing in an international IT trading company, whose headquarters is located in Hong Kong, I continually use English as working language to communicate with global vendors.

     From above, I assure that my English language qualification meets the visa and actual work requirement. I beg the immigration officer to give a comprehensive consideration, and I am ready for an interview if necessary. Too much is New Zealand, so precious is Visa approved!

     Best wishes and regards,

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