Key achievements against the race, gender and disability service

By Jamie Stone,2014-04-10 18:12
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Key achievements against the race, gender and disability service

    Progress Report


    This report provides details of key achievements against service action plans

    for race, gender and disability.

    Key Achievements Against the Race, Gender and Disability Service

    Action Plans

    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

    ; All housing offices are now third party hate crime reporting centres. In

    addition to dealing with individual cases, RBH monitor how many

    incidents are reported, look for trends and share statistics as part of a

    group called MARHF (Multi agency racial harassment forum). ; All staff trained on the new hate crime reporting mechanisms ; Monitor all lettings and current tenants by ethnicity- Currently, 9% of

    our tenancies are held by people from a black or minority ethnic (BME)


    ; Developed a bespoke translation block for the current and former

    arrears and recharge letters that are sent out.

    ; Repairs call centre is going to be transferred to the Council. This has a

    Minicom facility.

    ; Continued to work with BME tenants who move to non- traditional

    areas, offering them tenancy support.

    ; RBH has taken part in a vulnerability study in conjunction with other

    social landlords in Rochdale. Staff interviewed over 300 tenants. The

    outcome will be a vulnerability checklist which is going to be given to

    front- line staff to assess vulnerability at sign- up and provide

    appropriate support.

    ; Carried out a survey to assess the language needs of new BME

    households on Kirkholt, and are planning to train staff in different


    ; Personnel procedures have been reviewed in line with the Age

    discrimination legislation. As a result, traineeships and apprenticeships

    now have no upper age limit and our staff can request to work beyond

    the age of 65 if they wish.

    ; RBH monitor our staff by age, ethnicity, disability & gender. ; At 31st March 2007:

    o 8.4% of our staff were from a BME background

    o 4.6% of the workforce declared themselves as disabled

    o 62% of the workforce were male and 38% were female

    o 2 female employees aged 65 have been given approval to

    remain in employment for a further 12 months in accordance

    with the new age discrimination procedure.

    ; RBH participated in International Women‟s week by holding a multi-

    cultural celebration evening on Freehold estate.


    ; RBH are continuing equality impact assessments for all new policies

    and procedures to ensure they don‟t have a negative impact on any

    group of people.

    Environmental Management

    ; Within performance management framework all objectives of the

    annual action plans are cross referenced to the equality standard. ; There has been a lift inserted at Green Lane for accessibility ; “Access for All” project at Queens Park

    ; Introduction of the assisted bin scheme

    ; Committed to embody equality and diversity in all service delivery ; Introduction of scheme for people to gain experience through

    volunteering which has attracted a high percentage of people who may

    have some form of disability.

    ; The document job centre pilot was developed which consisted of

    simplifying the job description and person specification which was

    primarily introduced to local people, some of whom were from an ethnic


    Planning & Regulation

    ; The service reception has been re-designed and re-fitted to remove

    barriers for ambulant and wheelchair disabled people following an

    Access Audit of the building.

    ; A text facility has been provided at the service reception desk to assist

    hearing impaired people and an induction loop system has been

    installed in the reception area and the conference room. ; A multi-lingual information sheet for reception is now available to

    advise customers of the Council‟s translation service.

    Revenues & Benefits

    ; The introduction of a home-working scheme to provide more flexible

    working arrangements.

    ; Maintaining existing levels of disabled employees inline with corporate


    ; Maintain existing levels of ethnic minority employees in line with

    corporate targets.

    Information & Libraries

; Langley Library is now situated with Langley Children‟s Centre

    ; Appointment of a Library Outreach worker who will work with Asylum

    Seekers and Minority Ethnic groups.

    ; Provision of new library materials including digital audio books, story

    tapes on CD, new language audio books and extended world music



    ; Provision of enhanced disabled access and disabled toilets is either

    finished or near completion in Alkrington, Smallbridge, Spotland and

    Balderstones Libraries.

    ; Induction loops have been fitted at Alkrington, Smallbridge, Middleton

    and Wheatsheaf library.

    ; A toolkit for all Council staff on communications with customers with

    disabilities has been produced and updated by Customer Services. ; A contract is in place with the RNID to assist in communications with

    hard of hearing and deaf customers via Customer Services.


    ; The introduction of translating documents into other languages/ Braille

    if requested and ensuring all new publications include the E&D

    standard translation and format message.

    ; Annual review the Work Life Balance Scheme

    ; Taking into account religious holidays and school holidays when

    planning staff briefings, meetings, training events etc. ; The inclusion of information relating to all equality and diversity strands

    in the Finance Service induction pack.

    ; The review of Finance Service‟s Communication Strategy to reflect

    gender equality issues.

    ; Revision of how and where jobs are advertised to ensure that both

    ethnic minority groups and disabled people are given a fair opportunity

    to apply.

    ; Articles on equality and diversity are a standard item for the quarterly

    staff newsletter. The inclusion of equality and diversity monitoring in all

    customer and staff satisfaction surveys.

    Legal & Democratic

    ; Include equality and diversity issues in the staff newsletter including

    specific law related issues.

    ; Do monthly training on various equality and diversity issues ; Frequent equality and diversity briefing for senior management team


    ; Revision of the Office Manual to include aspects of equality and


    ; Equality and diversity measures included in „Procedure for hearings‟

    Business Partnerships

    ; Further developed the integration of procurement in documents ; Currently above the Council target regarding staff recruitment ; Continuous working with partners such as IMPACT & Link4Life to

    ensure equality and diversity is present throughout all practices.



    ; Extend EAL support work to a greater range of hard to reach primary

    schools linking with PNS

    ; Development of 14-19 ESOL course for late arrival early stage bilingual

    pupils at Hopwood Hall College

    ; Reduction of number of racist incidents in schools and improvement in

    monitoring progress

    ; Appointment of new admin staff and improved level of support for

    teams work.

    ; Successful project to improve quality of teaching in mother tongue

    community classes including training and CRB checking. ; Successful admission of increasing number of international new

    arrivals at the early stages of acquiring English in a variety of schools ; Improvements at GCSE for Ethnic minority boys and for ethnic minority

    pupils at KS2

    ; Positive feedback regarding support provided particularly from EAL

    teacher from schools with isolated newly arrived EAL pupils ; Invitation to join SNS National EAL Pilot

    Learners and Young People

    ; A review has been carried out of agencies that work with children and

    young people from minority ethnic heritage to ensure that mechanisms

    and processes for consultation and involvement in decision making are

    appropriate and effective. New and improved consultation and

    involvement mechanisms have been established.

    ; Consultation around the new Sure Start Children‟s Centres involved

    and engaged people of all ethnic origins.

    ; Local families are now engaged in the planning and delivery of services

    through Sure Start Children‟s Centres.

    ; Management Information Systems have been revised to produce more

    accurate reports on the ethnicity of existing staff and to monitor

    recruitment and selection procedures.

    ; New recruitment and selection policy and procedures in place ; Staff training taken place regarding making employment more

    accessible for people from local communities

    ; Member and Chair of Adult Skills group of Strategic Partnership to

    ensure adopting a common approach with partners.

    ; Projects to offer tailored support to children from ethnic minority,

    refugee and asylum seeker families. Services are commissioned with

    partner agencies.

    ; The children‟s information service has reviewed their literature and all

    other communications methods to ensure they are culturally responsive,

    appropriate and inclusive

    ; Bi-lingual family learning tutors are available in some local schools and

    community venues

    ; Family learning programmes provide dual language books

    ; Appropriate teaching and learning materials are translated into

    particular community languages


    ; Gender impact assessments are being carried out on new and

    revisions of policies and procedures. Appropriate actions for

    improvement will be taken as a result of these.

    ; Review of staff induction and training

    ; A range of consultation and involvement mechanisms are being

    developed which are appropriate to service users.

    People Management

    ; Offers work experience placements which are targeted at under-

    represented groups

    ; Supports the Council‟s Stepping Up Programme by:

    o Contributing to the review of the programme and informing

    future progress

    o Undertaking an induction session with all graduate and

    apprentice participants as part of their introductory week on

    the scheme

    o Providing a meaningful work placement for a graduate


    ; Leading on Succession Planning and Stepping Stone elements of the

    Stepping Up Programme, the aims of which are to enable people to

    become job ready for promotion.

    ; Nominated senior managers to take place in the Leadership


    Performance & Development

    ; Benchmarking against the statutory Best Value Performance Indicator

    BVPI 2B that demonstrates progress in the duty to promote race


    ; Currently above the Council target regarding staff recruitment ; Completion of the Single Equality Scheme

    ; Race Equality Strategy

    ; Statutory targets submitted annually to the DCSF

    ; Rochdale Additional Needs Service Key Stage 2 2007

    ; Compilation of performance management around ethnicity, disability

    and is responsible for reporting on BVPI 2b the duty to promote race

    equality on a quarterly basis

    ; Promoting race equality

    ; Quarterly monitoring information and management report 2007-2008-

    ethnicity, disability and gender- demonstrating how PDS reports

    against the service plan

    ; Development of Stats & Maps

    ; Servicing of the Equality Programme Board

    ; Co-ordinating and serving the process in achieving Level 4 of the

    Equality Standard



    ; Trust board adopted a fair recruitment and selection policy and

    procedures which promotes equality of access to employment within

    the trust

    ; Flexible working arrangements have been made wherever possible

    within constraint of service needs to prevent discrimination against


    ; Annual customer profile/representatives surveys to assess customer

    access to service in terms of gender

    ; Cultural Trust adopted equality standards, promotes equality of access

    an opportunity and ensure that the principles of equality are built into

    relationships with partner organisations

    ; Trust contract reflect equality needs

    ; Adoption of appropriate marketing strategies to reflect disability issues ; There are consultations with disabled service user annually. ; Partake in regular sport and physical activity with Disability Sports

    Forum & RADDAG to undertake needs assessments for the Sports &

    Physical Activity Alliance

    ; Active communities outreach programme which targets sports and

    leisure activities at neighbourhood level to provide recreational

    opportunities for participation by disabled people

    ; Officer appointed to promote sports, physical activity, health &

    wellbeing to women and girls within ethnic communities in Rochdale. ; Events organised including Greater Manchester Youth Games Arts

    Events, Mega Mela, Carnival of Cultures, Asian Sports Mela,

    Community Sports Dat at Springhill High School & Sport Relief Mile. ; Sport and activity programmes implemented targeting young people . ; Increase in participation by BME women and girls through Asian

    women and girls project

    Strategic Housing

    ; All targets are measured by the BME & Equality & Diversity Groups ; The Women‟s Steering Group will particularly monitor gender targets

    and raise gender issues. Which feeds back into the Equality & Diversity


    ; A study was undertaken to find the needs of the BME community in

    Rochdale and in turn there has been a review of the BME strategy ; A study of the accommodation needs for gypsies and travellers has

    taken place and a new strategy, policy and action plan will be put in


    ; Held an Equal Opportunities and Cultural Awareness training for staff ; A client record for has been developed to meet an aim in the Gender

    Equality Scheme Action Plan, to establish a monitoring system to

    record the gender of all service users receiving Supporting People


    ; Holding annual BME Conference to ensure public understanding of

    how and why the Council has improved race equality.


    ; The BME Housing Strategy Monitoring group- a multi agency approach

    to having targets across the Board that contribute to the BME Housing

    Strategy Plan.

    ; Helped Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to run BME Focus groups for

    tenants and residents.

    Adult Care

    ; Revised equality target monitoring systems approved by SMT ; Good career practice in POPPS team, evident in referrals and


    ; Careers Champion group extended to include all user groups ; Performance has been monitored using the “blobometer” and impact

    shows that 9% has been achieved

    ; BBB research has been completed- evidence- research and

    subsequent changes to BBB commissioning.

    ; Site in Middleton identified and procured for Carers Resource provision

    in the Middleton area and use exceeds target.

    ; LIT established in order to progress NSF implementation in order for

    increased support aimed at promoting independence

    ; Providing information/ advise signposting to service users with a

    disability that are not eligible for social care services. ; There has been progress within corporate services regarding support

    to employees in work

    ; High profile marketing campaign for In2Work

    ; Local services and facilities available to disabled people with a

    supportive framework which could assist in the prevention of a crisis. ; Ensuring that services delivered through Adult Care are culturally

    appropriate to the local population

    ; Ensuring that potential health inequalities are minimised through the

    provision of person centred practice

    ; Ensuring community and home safety is a key element of the

    curriculum for adult learning provision for people with learning

    disabilities and physical and sensory impairments.

    ; POPPs activities include provision of community safety ; Increase the provision of self directed care including increased

    provision of direct payments to ensure that service may better meet

    individual and cultural requirements.

    Child Care

    ; Regular reviews discussed at equality and diversity steering group and

    fed to SMT via Equality and Diversity SMT lead

    ; Objectives and targets regarding the importance of barriers,

    accessibility and reasonable adjustment of provision of services

    discussed at signed off at SMT

    ; Ensuring appropriate resources are allocated for implementing the

    equality targets.


    ; Consideration of the gender balance and work has taken place on new

    posts in order to attract more male candidates

    ; Continuing to develop Rochdale father action plan

    ; Enhancing maternity and adoption schemes

    ; Enhancing work life balance


    ; Special projects such as the Healthy Living Initiative ; Community Affair Team carry out the residents survey ; Community Safety statement of progress to show progress against

    race, gender and disability.

    ; A work-life balance scheme is available to all staff to offer flexibility of

    working hours

    ; Training opportunities are offered on day release

    ; Women are specifically targeted for services relating to drug and

    alcohol abuse.


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