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    Solar Stage Children’s Theatre

    Our History

    Originally formed in 1976, Solar Stage first presented evening and lunchtime theatre for adults. In 1995 Solar Stage decided that we would better serve the community by producing children’s

    theatre on weekends in our Madison Centre venue. In the year 2000, the lunchtime theatre performances were discontinued and the company committed itself to expanding the programming of its children’s theatre. Over the past 14 years Solar Stage Children’s Theatre

    (SSCT) has grown by leaps and bounds. Originally producing only 3 to 4 productions a season, we now present approximately 20 shows each season between September and June. In December 2006, we expanded the children’s theatre programming to include performances at The Village Playhouse in Bloor West Village. This proved to be a successful venture and, for our 2007-2008 season, we incorporated 6 different performances in Bloor West Village into our regular season. Our upcoming 2008-2009 season will see 21 different productions with 6 of those productions travelling from North York to Bloor West Village.

    Why Advertise With Us?

Advertising with Solar Stage Children’s Theatre allows you to reach an ever growing market of

    families. Our audiences consist of children accompanied by their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbours. We are one of the only theatres in Canada to produce shows year round for young children and their families. Generally our patrons are middle or upper class families interested in all areas of the arts. They enjoy introducing their children to a broad range of activities and experiences.

    Our theatre holds 120 people and we have at least 4 shows each weekend (sometimes up to 6 shows per weekend). Programs are handed out at each of our performances. Posters are sold after many of our shows and are a very popular item with our young viewers, generally convincing mom or dad to buy one to take home and put up on the wall. Our website is extremely popular with our patrons. Not only is it colourful and well designed, it is also updated on a daily basis in order to keep our patrons informed of any changes to upcoming performances something our regular subscribers are well aware of. We currently average 275 individual visits per day on our website with an average of 5,000 hits per day from those visits. New patrons are directed to our website daily by the staff in our office to ensure that patrons have accurate directions or can obtain updated information when they need it.

    By making SSCT a part of your advertising package, you can reach a constantly changing and continually growing market of adults and children, the buyers of the future!

    Solar Stage Children’s Theatre

    4950 Yonge St., Box 115, Toronto, ON M2N 6K1

    Advertising Rates

To advertise in our Programs

    (note that your ad will be placed in the programs for our North York performances each month.

    If we have performances in the Bloor West Village on the months you have requested an ad, your

    ad will also be placed in those programs)

     For 1 month For 5 months For 10 months

    Business card size $75 $250 $400

    ? page (2? by 4) $150 $600 $1,000

    Full page (5? by 8?) $200 $800 $1,400

    Insert preprinted flyer $400 $1,600 $2,600

    (supplied by you)

    To place a logo (1” x 1”) on our Poster or our City Parent Ad

     For 1 show For 4 shows For 8 or more shows

    Poster $30 $100 $150

    City Parent Ad $60 $200 $300

To have a banner ad on our website

    (jpeg format 1024 w by 100 h)

     For 1 month For 5 months For 10 months

    On one of the following: $75 $300 $500

    Home page, an Individual Show

    page, Party Bookings page, School

    Shows page, Now Playing page or

    Coming Soon page

    On one of our general theatre $50 $200 $400

    information pages, individual bio

    pages for a production, or our

    summer information pages

    Rates for banner ads on other pages of our website can also be discussed.

    All ads must be digital ready (jpeg format preferred).

    Payment is required in advance.

    Solar Stage Children’s Theatre

    4950 Yonge St., Box 115, Toronto, ON M2N 6K1

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