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徐州网架 yjrer positions to be a China Culture/Travel Portal, we provide content and service focusing on Chinese culture and travelling in China.

     We will launch many culture featured contents on Chairman Mao, on Confucianism, on Taoism, on the daily life of a local ... ...

     By registering on, members can:

     Post/Share travel tips,

     Asking travel tip questions,

     Post/Share Photos,

     and more state-of-the-art web 2.0 products for you to experience, and trust

     At the new launch period, we sincerely invite some English speakers who have been to China (or staying in China, or ready to come to China) to help us do THE first round of writing/editing/interviewing, we want to make things good to creat value to the web user from all over the world.

     At the beginning stage, this is volunteer job

     But see what we may definitely reward your contribution is:

     More social networking opportunities ..

     More approachs to Chinese cultures ...

     What we may possibly reward you in the future is:

     Formal employment for nation-wide..

     Special Award in "HereisChina China Expert Companign"..

     Free Incentive tour or class in China ... ...

     If you love Chinese culture, if you enjoy travelling in China, add me and chat with me at . Let it happen will bring you a real China. With your support we will grow faster~~

     Robert Zhang

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