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海淘 herwe

     1, in the middle of the night hungry, take-out, dial the past closed, but promised to give me.

     I am very touched, decided to take care of his business, is more a few side dishes, didn't think uncle telephone there nonchalantly said: "you really can eat."

     Call sent the rice noodles, he said after breakfast, I guiltily ask: "is it a great trouble to prepare, I'm sorry."

     He said: "that wasn't too late to eat bad to the body."

     Moved to me...

     Then he went on to say: "how much more you eat so much."

     2, the friend's dog is very lovely, I very rare, can I touch him, it's gentle lying in there.

     I say: your dog is really good! Confused!

     The friend say: yes, it is old.

     I said: oh, to old is not love.

     Friends said: no, the live years long, silly B see more like you.

     3, just see some male classmates preach a picture very sultry, under the base in a variety of spray.

     One of them said: "you so SAO, your wife know?"

     This elder brothers a god reply: "my wife know it doesn't matter, mainly is your wife know!"

     4, I: silly people are actually pretty cute.

     Friend: I'm very cute.

     I: are you stupid, don't cute at all.

     Friend: (hid) cut, I go..

     Me: don't go...

     Friend: (giggling) hum, think I am cute.

     : I use rolling faster.

     Friend: your sister!

     5, today to take money in ATM, behind a the elder brothers just push me, swearing and TM.

     I grow thin dare not provoke him, had to take out a one hundred - piece of folded in half, and then shouted: "yi? How to take only half of the?"

     Then he turned to leave.

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