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山寨币开发 herwe

     i am so sorry i can not say it in chinese beacause somebody is besides me.

     i don't have a good ability of writing an article,but let me cry out.

     i have a girlfriend.we love each other so much she is not a chinese.

     we met each other in a pub.i was a singer.she was a student in university.i can never forget about that day.she was in a white nice,so cute.since then i fell in love with her.that was 2005.11

     after that we found we love each other so deeply,and she gave me a thing to see.

     that's her passport.she told me " we are close to each other. so i want u to see something."i saw that passport and i found that the visa on top has already been over date for a long time......

     she told me when she just came to china,the time she needs to do her visa she gave it to an agent in beijing.and that guy left her for 8 months,then gave that passport back to her.she cried,cried and cried.but she did not have any idea with him.and since then she bacome a "dark person"in china.

     that was 2006.03

     i was really scared and we decided to teach in a small town,so that we could wait for an idea to come out.

     that was 2006.6

     as we planned we got our job "teaching enlish" in a small town.but something happenned .my mom was so sick.and the hospital needed to do an opration.i was crying beacause i did not have money.but my baby "emkar"she said "not only you chinese help each other a lot , i have some money and you can use it."as she said she gave me the money for the hospital fee.that was 2006.8

     not thing bad happened in 2months.

     but one day ,somebody was knocking at the door.i was in the school,so emkar opened the door.and that was the police.they are asking for the passport,and we don't have it.

     so the police caught her and sent her to prison.

     that was 2006.10

     i am so worried.and i don't have any idea.

     it is better we have a student she is a lawer.her age just like our mom.she helped us a lot.beacause of her we can see each other.

     emkar cried to me.i wanted to cry also,but i stood the tears.

     i said "baby .i am so sorry you are here.but now the only thing you can do is being strong.i am gonna find a way to save."

     so since then she started her prison life.

     that day i went back home.the time i opened the door.i started to cry.i saw everything is still there.but my baby is not.i know she is going to be scared.she is.that was 2006.10.20

     so i go there every day for her food.we guessed the police they want the money.

     so we started to ask money from all the friends.but the fun is nobody wants to give us even 100 rmb.

     we want to lend not get!

     in china we have a sentence."renqing lengnuan,shitai yanliang"it's true.

     that day the police told me they want the money for her to go back.and the over date.

     that's 13000 rmb.!!!!

     if she didn't give that money to me...

     she has it.she helped me ...and now ....

     she is there....

     my parents they don't have money .

     so what should i do ???so we put all of our hope on the boss of the school.

     and he said he is gonna lend us the money.2006.12.10

     today the police called me .

     they said they can not find the boss again.


     he left us......


     now we don't have money to eat.i have only 13 rmb in my poket.

     so i spent 1 rmb for me to buy food.

     and i spent 12 rmb for her to buy food for they other days.


     i didn't go there today.beacause i don't wanna her see me like this.i did not eat.


     today my father sent me 100.

     i bought rice and some eggs.

     i cooked her some food and went there.

     she's been crying the whole day.the time i saw her i couldn't stand the tears again.


     things are still.nothing new.9am the police called me and said they gonna send her to another prison..

     it means i can not see her again..!!!!!

     today is 2006.12.20

     she has been there for 2 months....

     my friends i don't know what to do.please help me .tell me about it.and i just found somebody behind this thing .it is the biggest english school in this town because she is the only foreigner here.i don't have anybody we can turn to.please help us.... i have a house .but the bank only wants the apartments.even to sell my body parts i want get here out and please help us.....!!!..

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