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     I have to take a oral English test tomorrow,and my teacher give me some questions.He will choose one of the question below to get the conversation started and will ask additional questions to keep the consersation going.I am very worried about that for my poor English.Is there anybody can help me to answer these question?Thanks very much!!!!

     1.What are your goals for your university career?

     2.How do you define success?

     3.Is shoping a healthy activity

     4.What is your favorite sports?

     5.What kind of art do you like?

     6.Which country would you travel to if you could travel to any country in the world?

     7.What are you personal values?

     8.What are the societal values in your society?

     9.What is your favorite proverb or idiom?

     10.what kind of job do you want after you graduate from university?

     11.Tell me something interesting about yourself.

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