002Unit 1 The summer holidays

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002Unit 1 The summer holidays

    Unit 1 The summer holidays



    四会;introduce practice go away well(n) dark(n) go on doing result

    as a result state the states physics chemistry biology geography

    三会;partner opinion in one's opinion vacation general general idea dawn

    wheat employ area pump channel beer regards expressoin 二会;Harry Bob oral Charlie steve



    2.Nice to meet you

    3.I'll introduce you

    4.See you soon

    5.I must go/be off/be leaving now

    6.Give one's regards/best wishes/love to



    1.introduce vt.

    ?to make(sb) kown to sb or familiar with (某人或某事) introduceto„”:

    Let me introduce myself: My name is Harry.

    Let me introduce you to Mary, a partner of mine.

    ?to bring in for the first time 传入

    He introduces a new idea into the conversation.

    Potatoes were introduced into China from America at that time.

?introduction (n)

    Let me give you an introduction of our school

    2.go on doing sth

    go on with sth (间断之后)

    go on to do sth

    eg:He went on reading lesson one for twenty minutes.

After breakfast, he went on with the novel.

    After finishing reading lesson one, he went on to read lesson two. a result (由于„„的)

    as a result of

    eg:He didn't study hard. As a result, he failed in the exam.

He was late as a result of the snow.

4.preferto (to为介词)“喜欢„甚于喜

    eg:I prefer cats to dogs

    I prefer reading books to watching TV at night

prefer to do sth:

    prefer to do sth rather than do sth

egEvery day, I prefer to walk to school rather than ride a bike.

5.So was my friend Bob White.


    表“前者的情况同样适用于后者:译为“同样地:也”句子构成倒装。注意助动 词的前后

He is a student, so am I (=I am a student, too)

    He studies hard, so does she (=She studies hard, too)

    I enjoyed the book, so did my wife.

    ?so++be/have/助动词/情态动词:表示对前一句话所说的情况赞同:译为“正是: 确”:主谓语序不倒装。

     -他学习很刻苦 -He studied hard


     -So he did -

    -She has failed in the exam -

    -So she has -



    A well-known old man was being interviewed(采访) and was asked if it was correct that he just celebrated his ninety-ninth birthday.

    That's right,said the old man.Ninety-nine years old, and I haven't an

    enemy in the world. They're all dead.

    Well, sir, said the interviewer, I hope very much to have the honour

    of in terviewing you on your hundredth birthday.

    The old man looked at the young man closely, and said, I can't see why you shouldn't.

    you look fit and healthy to me!

    1.The old man said he had not an enemy in the world, which shows that he was

    a very

A.friendly man-he never made any enemies

    B.healthy man-he lived longer than all his enemies

    C.lucky man-his enemies had all died

    D.terrible man-he had got rid of all his enemies

    2.When the interviewer said that he hoped very much to have the honour of

    interviewing the old man again the following year, .

    A.he was trying to made the old man happy

    B.he wished he himself would live another year

    C.he did not believe the old man would live to be one hundred

    D.he did not believe he would interview the old man again

    3.When the old man saidI can't see why you shouldn't, what he meant was


    A.You must try to live another year to interview me again next year.

    B.Of course you can see me again since you're so fit and healthy.

    C.If I live to a hundred years, you should interview me again.

    D.Unless you live another year, you wouldn't be able to interview me a gain.

    4.What kind of man would you say the old man was?

    A.He was silly

    B.He was unpleasant

    C.He was very proud and sure of his health

    D.He was very impolite to young people



    key to unit 1

    ? 1-4B A B C

    ? Dear Mr Smith,

    I'm glad you can come to our party.Now let me tell you how to get there. Aftee you come out of the Friendship Hotel, turn left and go straight until you get to the first crossing. Turn left again and walk along the street until you reach the next crossing. The turn right and c ross the street. After walking just two minutes, you will see a gate on your rig ht, Go through this gate. There is a big building

    in front of you. The language centre is on the second floor, and you can't miss it. See you at seven on saturday evening. Be sure to come on time.


    Liu dong

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