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郑州笔记本回收 ukerg

     1, three market books: "boss/money/I helped her to pay for the tea"

     2, have a passion for a cup of tea, a tearful spent 30000 yuan to buy a kilo of tea, the second day was, daughter-in-law take boiled the tea that I hate, I raised my hand against the livid gave her a slap, great anger way: "tea eggs can use such a cheap tea boiled?!"

     3, there is a old lady selling tea, first sold to more than half of the 2 pot tea, the second half and sell to the rest of the more than 2, now a tea eggs remaining in the pan, please the old lady have several suites in downtown?

     4, suddenly came out from the bushes in a bruiser, scared the little beauty in a cold sweat. The big fellow just said: "rob..." . Voice did not fall,

     Little hung in the hands of the three tea eggs were swallowed up.

     Big fellow then finish: "elder sister... could you tell me how to get to the garden yard B seat?"

     5, reunion yesterday, drink a little wine, everyone how various bragging about their mix.

     When it was my turn I collect inside all sorts of low-key all sorts of say: "come on, I do not care to say."

     Rao to classmates, there is no way, I had to show from his pocket a tea my worth, and then... I became the leading role of the party, the students are asked me how to get rich.

     6, want to marry you, you said to have an apartment, I didn't speak, quietly trying to make money to buy a suite. Later you again to say to want to have a car, I still didn't speak up silently make money buy a car.

     Now you told me that TM have tea eggs? Sorry, this knot married me.

     7, I think for a long time, finally decided to let the local tyrants friends back to a "tea" in the legend, very excited! First saw this kind of high-end grade atmosphere, use peeled when eating? To finish a few stuttering can appear not the first time to eat? With a fork or with chopsticks? Do you want to wear a suit to grand? Eat standing sitting? Do you want to give the waiter a tip? In this life I can not pay back the egg money? !

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