Being a bread detective

By Gail Foster,2014-04-18 00:58
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Being a bread detective

     Bringing baking to life How does a bread mix work? Information Sheet

    What's in a mix? The basic ingredients of bread are flour, yeast and water. Other ingredients can be added

    to make different types of bread. Bread can also be made from a packet mix where some of the work has already been done for you.

    Stages of bread making

     Getting ready ...

    Preheat the oven to the Empty packet mix into a Add the correct quantity of temperature given on the large mixing bowl. warm water (it should feel packet. warm, but not hot, when you

    test it with your little finger). Prepare a greased loaf tin

    or baking tray for rolls.

    Mix with your hands to Knead on a floured surface Divide the dough into equal form a dough. for about 5 minutes. pieces for rolls, or one large

    piece for a loaf, and mould it

    into shape.

    Leave in a warm place to Then bake on the top shelf When cooked, the bread will prove (rise) covered with a of the oven. sound hollow when tapped on greased plastic sheet, until the bottom.

    about double in size. Cool on a wire rack.

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    What's happening inside the bread?

    The dough is Whilst the dough In the oven the Eventually the heat sets kneaded to give the is proving, gas bubbles the loaf giving it a well bread its texture. bubbles of carbon (carbon dioxide risen structure and a

    dioxide gas are and air) expand light and spongy texture. The protein in the formed from the with the heat. flour is stretched to yeast action. make an elastic This makes the

    dough and pockets bread rise further. These help to

    of gas are formed. stretch the dough

    and make it rise.

     What yeast needs to work Where it gets it from

    warmth is needed so that yeast cells can grow and multiply warm water the yeast needs feeding to grow sugar added to the recipe

    the kneading action the dough needs to become elastic so that it will stretch and rise when the yeast starts to ferment

    time for the yeast to do its work and to produce carbon dioxide the bread is set aside for a gas which raises the dough period of proving (about 30 minutes)

    a flour improver may be used to speed it up ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

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