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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James


    I.Introduction ………………………………………………..………2 II.Summary ………………………………………………….………2 III.Main Body……………………………………………..……2-8

    1. The first job .……………….…….................................................2

    1.1. My reason……………………………………………………2

    1.2. My current situation………………………………………....2

    1.3.What will I do in order to make it come true……….………...3

    1.4. What abilities do I need…………………………………...3

    1.5. How to adjust the dream to the reality…………………….....4

    2. The second job……………………………………………....4

    2.1. My reason...………………………………....……..4

    2.2. What will I do in order to make it come true………….……..4

    2.3. What abilities do I need…………………………….........5

    3. The third job…………………………….……………………6

    3.1. My reason……………………………………....……...6

    3.2. What characteristics do I need to become a teacher.…….6

    3.3. How to be a successful teacher…………………….........7 IV.Recommendation …………………………………………....8 V.Conclusion ……………………………….…………….………….8

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James IIntroduction

    Each of us has his or her own dreams and unique capabilities, potentials and limitations. When we are children, we always say that I want to be a .when I grow

    up. The tone we said that was serious, strict and unswerving. Now twenty years have passed away, do we still remember our original dreams? Can we still have the courage to speak it out loudly? Do we have the patience and perseverance to pursuit them? Do the job you want to have be equivalent to our dreams? What will we do if they are the same? And what will we do if they are not? And in order to make our dreams come true what should we do and what skills and characteristics should we have?


     Although faced with great pressure to pursuit the dreams and adjust them referring to the reality, we still stick to our principle, trying their best to solve all the problems during this period. Assumed the conflicts between dreams and reality, a series of chain reactions, bad or good, can be predicted. No one can exactly say whether it is beneficial or harmful the confliction really is. However, at present what we should do is to keep our nerve and deal with the problems, which is the best way to lift our spirit and make our dream come true.

IIIMain Body

    1. The first job

    1.1. My reason

    The first one is to be an armed woman. Because I began to like the uniform when I was a child. I think it is the most fabulous clothes in the world. And I yearn for the life of arm and the emotions between comrades. The strict discipline of the army attracts me. As we all know, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. The strict

    discipline can let me be strict with myself and lenient with others and make me an integrity preson.

    The parade of the soldiers in the National Festival gives me deep impressions. I have dreamed to be one of them for many years. But unfortunately I passed the opportunities again and again. Besides, it is really difficult joining the army for a girl in China.

1.2. My current situation

    Now that I am a university student of English major, the only way that I can make my dream come true is that I get the master degree of PLA Foreign Languages Institute. PLA Foreign Languages Institute is proud of its international reputation. With a thriving international community of students from all over the country, it is the perfect place to study foreign language. For me a student of a common university to

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James pass their entrance examination, there are many difficulties which I need to overcome to improve my English and other capabilities. To handle the basic knowledge of my major completely is first and foremost. To improve my oral English is also imperative. In order to memorize all the names of the literature giants and their masterpieces, I will have to read more books of British and American literary and history both in Chinese and English. In my spare time I will read more books of celebrities to broaden my horizon and lift my spirits.

1.3. What will I do in order to make it come true

    First of all, I will make a decision of which direction I will choose the literature or the linguistics. Then I will make a study plan to arrange my time scientifically and evenly. And I will find out the reference books of the course I choose according to the requirement of the PLA Foreign Languages Institute on its website. To follow the suggestion of the seniors can save me lots of time and energy. Their experiences can help me avoid the detours which is helpful to my life. At last, I will fling myself into the review of politics and the foreign languageJapanese. Based on the principle that

    if you know how to handle, it will not difficult; if you think it is difficult, then you don’t know how to handle I will memorize all the knowledge point in the textbook.

    Before the examination, I will take the summer session to accelerate my politics. At the point of emotion, I will try my best to make it under control by doing proper exercises and reading extracurricular books to relax myself. And I will read more book of New Oriental book of inspiration to enhance my capability of selfcontrol

    and the sense of never give up.

1.4. What abilities do I need?

    The decision of whether or not to earn a graduate degree is something that almost every English major must think about at some point. Learn more about some of the big questions you must ask before deciding if earning a master degree in English is the best choice for you.

    Motivation and commitment are just two of the characteristics that are essential for successful grad students. Strong academic abilities and great study skills are also necessary. The majority of graduate programs require at least a 3.0 GPA, but some programs have even higher standards. Be realistic about your abilities and your desire to succeed before you take this major step.

    Getting an advanced degree in psychology is a major achievement, but it isn't right for everyone. Graduate school involves a major investment of both time and money, so it is important to get as much information as you can before making a choice. By considering your goals and assessing your abilities, you will be able to make the decision that is right for you.

    Workplace skills are practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of careers. Here's a list of the workplace skills that are used in this career.

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James High level of skill required: persuasion, information gathering

    synthesis/recorganization , Medium level of skill required , social perceptiveness negotiation, instructing , problem identification , information organization, idea generation as well as idea evaluation

1.5. How to adjust the dream to the reality

    Even if I can not stay in the army after I graduate, I will never regret as a result of having been in the PLA Foreign Language Institute and still have chances to get a good job as a result of entering a good school. I can truly stand out from the crowd I am going to have to do something other than simply getting a bachelor’s degree. A

    Masters degree allows me to further specialize and helps give me an academic experience that goes well beyond what I receive as an undergraduate. A Masters degree gives me the qualifications that a bachelors degree once gave job seekers. It allows me to be part of a smaller segment of well-educated people and get employers to take notice of your academic credentials in a world were suddenly having a college degree means very little when it comes to the hiring process.

2. The second job

    2.1. My reason

    The second one is to be a cook. As it is really a superb thing to do a sumptuous dinner for the people you beloved. When you notice that all the dishes you cooked are eaten up, the feeling inner heart is beyond of words. And cooking is actually a fantastic thing. We can even say that cooking is a kind of art just like the sculptures, buildings as well as paintings. Cooks use their pot and cooking shovel to make their masterpiece. So when you complete a dish, you will full of satisfaction.

2.2. What will I do in order to make it come true

    Cooking has come a long way from when our ancestors roasted wild game and local vegetation over an open fire. We've discovered an infinite number of ways to prepare and season food, but the nature of cooking remains the same: Apply heat to make food taste better. The rest is really just details that can be learned from an inquisitive spirit, creativity, and trial and error. In order to learn how to cook, I will find a professional institute where has specialties to train professional chefs in both Chinese and western food techniques. Its program includes instruction in cuisine technique, kitchen management, cake technique, food processing technology, fresh food processing and management, western food technique, western cake technique, cuisine and nutrition, catering management and tourism service. In general, the regular program is a three year course, with the final year being a supervised apprenticeship in commercial food establishments. So I can have an opportunity to accumulate more experiences. This is really a unique opportunity to Travel, Eat and

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James Cook in many beautiful places and to bring back memories that will last a lifetime. Besides, good cooks know that flavors need balance and that sweet must be balanced by sour and that rich foods need an acidic counterpoint to tame them. Good cooks also know that you can elevate the merely good to the great by thinking about the balance and contrast of color and texture.

    But before that I should find out everything i need to know in order to be a top chef ?What are the requirements?

    ? What sort of training do I need to qualify as a professional chef or cook? ? Are the culinary arts right for me?

    ? What equipment will I need?

    ? What is a chef's salary?

    ? How much will I have to pay for tuition?

    ? Why should I become an apprentice chef first?

    These and many other questions are needed to be answered

    Think about carefully to start now, then simply take the next step. One step at a time, with links from one to another, let me to follow this trail in chronological order. Or jump to any topic directly.

    2.3. Which abilities do I need?

    The culinary arts are an excellent choice for a career. It clearly helps if I have a previous interest in cooking. Most people who decide they would like to explore the great field of the culinary arts already seem to have a pre-disposition for it. Of course, that's not always the case. Some chefs come into the profession later on in life. Naturally, if I want to be at the top of this field, I should at least know that there are quite a few things that I need to ask myself first.

    What it comes down to is that not everyone can be a chef. Before I even consider going any further, I should ask myself the following questions first:

(1)Am I Creative?

    Creativity is necessary if I want to stand out as a chef. Often a meal is made all the more interesting by the way it is presented on the plate.

    Creativity will also be necessary in dealing with my staff’s problems. One thing a

    chef is responsible for is coming up with new and exotic dishes. A great sense of creativity can help with this and also with finding new ways to prepare old dishes. When the average person goes to a fine restaurant, rarely do they consider the amount of work that goes into the preparation of a meal. A good chef is good at making everything look easy and keep things running smoothly.

    It takes a great deal of creativity to give everything the appearance of being unaffected.

(2)Am I Prepared To Study the Craft?

    The only real way that I can become a good chef is to put a great deal of effort into improving myself; not only as a cook, but as a person as well. To do this, I must study the craft.

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James I must be willing to study the art of cooking, preparation, and presentation. For all of the studies that will be done in books, I need to also practice these things in a hands-on manner to get the full effect of the study.

    No matter what anybody says, no chef has ever mastered any dish without constant study and practice. As a budding chef yourself, I need to be prepared to put effort into learning the craft, as well as spending a great deal of time doing so. All in all, if I want to make the kind of money that goes with any successful profession, I will need to log in the hours and experience, and you must be willing to start small.

3. The third job

    3.1. My reason

    The third one is to be an English teacher. Becoming a teacher is an important decision in the way of career planning. The primary reasons that set it apart from other professions are simple. The opportunity to make an impact on many lives is something that must be considered. Aside from impacting the lives of many different people, there is also the opportunity to make an overall impact on the educational system. We all remember the special teachers in our lives. I want to be that kind of special teacher kids remember years down the road. In order to be that great teacher, I need to have some important skills. My students may even become teachers because i inspired them because of my skills as a mentor and teacher. In order to be a successful teacher, one must possess certain characteristics. I feel that possess some abilities and skills that are necessary to be a successful teacher.

3.2. What characteristics do I need to become a teacher?

    As a teacher, I must have the ability and desire to do the following: (1)Passion to Teach

    I need passion to teach others in order to be a good teacher. Know my subject and show the students that I am passionate about that subject and they will be willing to learn even more.


    Patience is necessary for a teacher. I am dealing with children or teenagers for extended periods of time, so I will have to be patient and calm with the students.

(3)Good Communication

    I want to be both a good listener and speaker. Getting kids or adults to answer questions in front of a class will involve getting their attention and making them comfortable enough to speak up. I will lose their attention by being dull and speaking in a monotone voice.

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James (4)Problem Solver

    Unique problems arise in the classroom. I will need to be a problem solver and able to think on my feet when surprises occur in my class.


    My students need to know that I am there for them if they need help either with classroom issues or anything else that may be bothering them. Let them know they know they can come to me for help.

(6)Able to interact with all Ages

    If I am an elementary school teacher, I need to interact with not only the students, but their parents and other teachers. Make sure I am comfortable with all age groups.


    Students spend a great deal of time at school. I am in a leadership role, and my students see how I behave. Always be aware of what I say or do because students are watching and learning from me.

    Share knowledge with others, challenge, inspire, motivate, and encourage students, support, guide future leaders, make a difference in an individual's life, feel pride in your own and as well as your students’ accomplishments, obtain more knowledge, lecture on material that interests you as well as material that may not interest you.

3.3. How to be a successful teacher?

    In order to be a successful teacher, one must have these instincts. I feel that I possess a good knowledge on a number of different subjects, and I feel I have the ability and patience to convey this information to other people. I feel like I have the sense that one can not explain in the way of connecting with people. There are some skills that I don't have mastered yet, like the art of developing organized plans for a year or extended amount of time, but those are things that can be worked on over the course of time for an experienced teacher. In order to get hired as a teacher, some superior must take a chance on you. Be it a headmaster or another administrator, I offer a certain amount of reliability and upside to a potential employer. I am a motivated person who is on top of things and can offer an upgrade in excitement to a school.

    In a classroom setting, I bring creativity and exuberance to the children there. The students will be able to not only learn from me in my teachings, but also by example in the way I conduct my class and the respect with which I treat them. Teaching is a passion for me, and the only things that would make me want to leave teaching is the idea of a situation with other teachers where things are just not right. By this, I mean a situation where teachers are doing things unethically. I am the type of person who likes to take up problems with the man, so I would first go to them about problems, before I let it affect me.

    I would be able to convince just about anyone that I was a good candidate to be a

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     Author: Brenda Jobs I Want to Take Tutor: Owain James teacher. My qualifications speak for themselves, and I have a way of influencing people and winning friends. Beyond my achievements, I have the integral desire to be a successful person, especially in the teaching profession. The staff at another college or at a prospective school would know from my words and my actions that I am sincere in my desires and that I am fully qualified to be a great teacher.


    Over the passed twenty years our dreams may become a little different from the original ones. And the reality is severely distinct from what we imagine it should be. There are vast disconnects between dreams and realities. The job which you dream of could not make you a living while the jobs you do not like that can make you a fortune. So we should do is to improve our abilities of competition, to enhance our experiences by practice, to broaden our horizon, to adjust our dreams to the reality, and never give up. In a word, to change what you can and accept what you cant.

    Nobody can catch up with changes. Do remember: To pursuit the outstanding and the success will chase after you.

V Conclusion

    From what has been discussed above, we can see that what job you want to take is not only opportunities but also challenges. It has impacts on every aspect. Nowadays, the reality has given us great pressure on job taking. The severe competition of the job getting almost makes the graduates crazy. They do every thing they can in order to get the job no matter legal or illegal, ethical or unethical. But this is not the matter about wishes and attitudes of unilateral, but something about the overall situation. No one will refuse benefits and no one can avoid risks. Todays job finding situation calls

    upon all of us to have longterm plans. For us there is still a long way to go.

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